Fanmade ‘Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’ Single Player Campaign Coming November 19th


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Once again, fans are coming to the rescue for the Fallout series, as modding group The United West Team have revealed that they’re currently working on “Revelation Blue”, a remake of the cancelled Fallout 2 sequel, Van Buren.

For those unaware, former Fallout series developer Black Isle Studios way back when was working on a sequel to Fallout 2, codenamed Van Buren. The game was to utilize a fully 3D engine, as well as a combination real-time/turn-based combat mechanic. Sadly, the game was cancelled in 2003, and the Black Isle Studios team was laid off by Interplay.

The mod will use trusty Fallout: New Vegas, and according to the mod’s page on Nexus Mods, the project will include everything from the base game. “We will stay faithful to the original Van Buren story as much as possible, and in the future we plan to add in a large number of customized features.”

The United West Team has big plans for the mod, including the potential to include other fanmade mods in it (with permission, of course), as well as the potential for DLC once the project is complete (and bugs are ironed out). “Revelation Blue” intends to include new locations, new enemies and weapons, as well.

As of right now, the team has the teaser trailer for the mod, as well as a few screenshots. To find out more about what Van Buren was to become, you can hit up the Fallout Fan Wiki.

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