Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 5-31-21: Sizzling Summer Returns!


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It’s a short week in Salem thanks to the Memorial Day holiday.

But the start of summer means long-awaited returns, romance, and the long-overdue resolution of some stories that have outworn their welcome.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 5-31-21 suggest an explosive end to Jan’s latest reign of terror (hopefully not literally!) to kick off Summer 2021. Read on!

The summer spoiler video teases two returns to Sami’s world: her son Johnny and his father, EJ.

Fans have wondered what became of Johnny ever since a rapidly-aged Allie returned to Salem almost a year ago. As a little boy, Johnny idolized Rafe and didn’t understand why people hated the Dimera name, but will he have grown up to be a mini-EJ or remained sweet and innocent?

And with EJ coming back and Sami torn between him and Lucas, Johnny and Allie are sure to find themselves caught in the middle — and EJ doesn’t play around.

The good news is, neither does Lucas. A clip in the spoiler video has him telling Sami to forget EJ and recreate the magic he and Sami once had. Could Lumi FINALLY be endgame?

There are also several other romances heating up.

  • Chloe has thoughts about Philip, which is sure to excite Phloe fans BUT Brady is now interested in renewing their relationship.
  • Gwen and Xander appear to have a wild make-out session (who didn’t see that one coming?)
  • Things heat up between Allie and Tripp, but could Allie also have deeper feelings for Chanel than she admits?

There’s also going to be some other sort of murder mystery if the video clip is anything to go by, as the younger set finds a body in the lake and Eli says it’s no accident! With Xander going to extremes to protect Gwen from Snyder, my money is on him being the latest Salemite to meet his demise.

Curious about what’s happening during the week of 5-31-21 rather than just the summer previews? Please scroll down to check out our spoiler photos.

Sami accuses Nicole of cheating on Eric with Xander.

This isn’t much of a spoiler, since she already did this last Friday.

The question, though, is what Nicole will do. The smart thing would be to let Sami think what she’s going to think and then kick Xander to the curb since he can’t threaten to tell Sami when she already knows.

But until Nicole stops being so desperate to hang onto Eric despite Eric’s disappearing act, she’s probably going to be too afraid of Sami telling Eric to think logically.

Kate pressures Dr. Snyder to keep her secret.

I knew Kate was the wrong person for Snyder to try to mess with.

She is going to turn the tables on him, blackmailing him instead of the other way around. YES!!!!.

This annoying character has been terrorizing Gwen and irritating Tripp for no real reason, and I can’t wait for someone to finally stand up to him.

Jan instructs Chloe to kill Claire.

Ugh. I think my eyes just rolled back so far in my head they may never get unstuck.

“Kill her or I’ll kill you” is not a legitimate threat, and Chloe should instead work with Claire to subdue Jan.

Didn’t she stab a major drug lord in the back last time she found herself in this kind of situation? She should NOT be a damsel in distress now.

Belle is sent to Statesville.

This is probably because of her idiotic decision to confess so that Jan will let Claire go.

God forbid Salem’s best attorney actually tell the cops — or her own attorney — that her daughter has been kidnapped and she’s being forced to confess to spare her life.

Too bad Kristen ran away. Belle and Kristen crossing paths in Statesville might have been entertaining enough to make this otherwise stupid story worth it.

Abe throws a monkey wrench into Paulina’s secret plans.

I want so badly to know what Paulina’s secret is! Well done, Days of Our Lives.

Paulina’s interactions with Abe are always interesting, too.

It’s obvious she has feelings for him, and since this is Salem, the fact that her sister is the mother of his daughter might not matter.

Chanel shares her business proposal with Lani.

Chanel finding any legitimate means of making money is a good thing!

Of course, businesses take time to turn a profit, and she’ll need a source of income in the meantime.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Lani thinks this is some new scam Chanel is pulling. If she’s for real, that could lead to a compelling story.

Jan, Chloe, and Philip have a dangerous showdown.

Getting Philip involved in this story can only mean one thing: a resurgence of his interest in Chloe.

I’d like this better if Chloe wasn’t struggling with feelings for Brady. That triangle has been done over and over, and I’m tired of it.

Kristen could have solved her problem without any violence if she’d pushed Chloe toward Philip instead of all of this murderous nonsense, too. And I’m not thrilled that Chloe needs rescuing when she’s more than capable of taking care of herself.

Tripp witnesses a tense exchange between Gwen and Dr. Snyder.

I figured that sooner or later, Tripp would get some dirt on Snyder.

I hope he brings this to Steve and they investigate the idiot that is driving both Kayla and Tripp nuts together.

It’s beyond time for a father/son adventure, so let’s go!

Julie unloads on Xander.

Julie’s rants are always fun, but could she do something else, please?

The last time she was at Julie’s Place, she didn’t do any work. She just yelled at Gabi and then went home.

Of course, there’s no escape at home this time since Xander is set to move in with Jack (who needs to stop running a hotel out of the family home!). But still.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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Days of Our Lives airs on NBC on weekday afternoons. It will be pre-empted on May 31, 2021, for Memorial Day programming but will return for the remainder of the week. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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