Review: The FM’s and Miss Cherry Delight “Annihilation Denial”


Scary! A jolt into our fractured planet’s impending future devastation. With the threat of frost fingering its way underneath our doorstep catastrophism vibrates the intentions of the new release “Annihilation Denial” by the New York based phenomena The FMs and rocker Miss Cherry Delight. I often wonder what goes on in the musical mind of Matte Namer, front man of queer goth faction and aside from genius, madness is the only explanation. In a time when humanity is sequestered, joy has been vanquished and penicillin can no longer save the world, The FM’s warn humanity with an eye opening, musically brilliant and statistically vibrant song and video. 

The video (track) is a politically charged track about climate change denial. Matte points out “ we’re in a time of massive social upheaval, caught in a wild story that none of us know how it will end. Will the dark forces propagating fear, selfishness, machismo, and narcissism beat out the side of reason, love, and compassion? I sure hope not, but we will be doing our part to steer the storyline.” Matte goes on to say “ It feels like a perfect time to be releasing an angry AF song about humanities infatuation with convenient truths. It’s lazy and dangerous to never think about tomorrow, and only believe things that sound sweet to your ears, and validate your existing worldview. The fact is, we are ruining the planet for our children in every generation after them. Deep down I know everyone knows this, they are just too craven to accept it.”

In the words of Miss Cherry Delight, “ I love sharing concert lineups with the FM, and I was honored they asked me to collaborate with them by co-writing and singing on this track. I am proud of our work together. It’s by far the loudest and craziest FMs song today, filled with absolute rage and disgust at the ignorance and selfishness of mankind destroying the very earth we live on as we speak. Consider this song a wake-up call.”

There you have it! Obviously, this song is beyond a passionate attempt to scare the shit out of us, and that it does. Musically, it’s a hard driving rock/goth effort at waking up all of us who are quickly destroying the planet. We are all guilty of this crime at one time or another, even by just ignoring what others do and not getting involved in the awareness. In California, we watch as every inch of the heaven has been engulfed in flames. We breathe in toxic fumes as we travel through the congestion of Manhattan. Our oceans are dying. Not to mention our current world situation which was most probably created by the drug companies all striving to find a cure….. It’s time we welcome the darkness as a canopy with the stars hand so that the earth can shine.

This song is and urgent message…listen to. Watch the video. And spread the word.

Watch “Annihilation Denial” by The FMs and Miss Cherry Delight here:

5/5 Stars 

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