Echoing the Dynamism of Scott Page at NAMM


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For most, Scott Page needs no prelude as a musician and the saxophonist for super groups: Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Toto. As a highly respected entrepreneur and technologist Page has the ability to collide with all three businesses and orchestrate them in ways that revolutionize each of these industries, thus making him a perfect candidate for collaborations with the events surrounding NAMM, (National Association of Music Merchants), the largest music merchants convention on the planet.

No stranger to NAMM, Page took on the challenges of bolting from event to event….”like a rockstar.” “Faster than a speeding bullet.” “Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane……it’s Scott Page” with the velocity and stamina of the ” Energizer Bunny.” 

Preview Day: After performing for hours at “The Artist Endorsement Expo”, a day prior to Preview Day at NAMM, Page had an early curtain call on the “Poor Boy” Radio show, followed by yet another. The remainder of the day was spent setting up for the massive “Nights After NAMM” concert benefitting “The Watts Conservatory of Music.” The sunset collided with the stars quickly and the anticipation of the next four days became a hard reality. The journey had officially begun….

Day 1: After loading equipment into Highway 39 Event Center for a “Nights After NAMM” Think:EXP performance and All-Star Jam, there was a 10:00 AM podcast at the Gator Cases booth scheduled with Thomas Claxton. The 45-minute interview was laced with valuable information regarding Scott Page’s proven philosophies on how to make music a business and how one is still able to make money in the music business today. This was followed directly by a jam at the ElectroPhonic booth with No Mansfield (aka lead singer of California Psyche band Revolushn). 

Consecutively following, Page ran to The Hilton with the urgency of an avalanche to teach a master class regarding a plan for “Artist Success” in front of a large auditorium. A massive electronic billboard surrounded the stage with the following: “Scott Page’s SPACE Plan for Artist Success. Page lectured and held an immersive audience question and answer….

From there it was back to Highway 39 for sound check…..”The Dark Side of NAMM”, shivered in anticipation….After months of planning and producing, it was time. Suddenly rumor became church….

All of the vibrant, prismatic, frenzied, and intrepid dauntlessness of rock n roll displayed itself at “Nights After NAMM” where Think:EXP performed “an exploration of Pink Floyd” entitled “Dark Side of NAMM”. That was ultimately followed by an All-Star Rock N’ Roll Jam with some of the biggest superstars on the planet. Suddenly you discovered what infinity looked like. Both valiant and defiant the cavalier guests included: Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge), Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp), Uncle Joe Benson (iconic classic rock radio personality), George Lynch (Lynch Mob), 12 year old ukulele prodigy Feng E, and others….and the clashing of effervescence and divergence.

The members of Think:EXP, a supergroup was founded by Scott Page, and includes  Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Kenny Olson (Kid Rock’sTwisted Brown Trucker Band), Tony Franklin (The Firm, Whitesnake), Will Champlin (The Voice), and Derek Day (recording artist) forming the core. Also live on stage with Think:EXP is support vocalist, Roberta Freeman (Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses), Melanie Taylor and Carol (Bette Midler), and Eric Mayron (Dr. Dre) on keys.

The evening brought about an awareness of the universe trigging emotional responses too deep for words. It was a blueprint of a purpose about to be ful-filled in the form of the construction of The Watts Conservatory of Music, which was benefited by the evening. The Watts Conservatory of Music is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing music education to the community of Watts, an area plagued by gangs and despair, free of charge…..And then there was…..

Day 2: An early interview with W4CY radio host Dean Piper and Scott Page was quickly followed by other events, rehearsals, and meetings that culminated with Think:EXP performing while recording at Dynaudio. It was hosted by Dylan Berry in a box car-type lucite fantasy booth while a massive crowd watched on. The epic crew, Scott Page, Stephen Perkins, Kenny Olson, Will Champlin, Derek Day, and Blas Perez, rocked the streets of NAMM with a vibrant blast of scandalizing music, overpowering anything else that was going on during that moment. The darkened sky conflicted with the Golden bursts of NAMM’s bright streetlights and the ending that brings new beginnings….

Day 3: The official NAMM podcast “Talking Up Music Education” was perfect for Page as a mentor and music educator. Hosted by Mary Luehrsen the podcast celebrated “music learning through conversations with artists, teachers and students, music business professionals, and thought leaders who are passionate about music education.” “The arts allow you to open your mind and dream, and DREAM BIG”, was etched on the wall of the station where Page was interviewed for 25 minutes, adding his knowledge to the history and legacy of music. 

After meetings at Starbucks it became a race to the other side of the convention center. “The Roadrunner” dashed to the OWC Details booth, like a flash of lightening to perform with recording artist Thomas Claxton. During the mini concert you could hear the whispers in the crowd that amassed to listen: “That’s Scott Page, he’s an icon”…”a legend”…  

The icon immediately hustled to rehearsal for the evening’s “Ultra Jam”…with an All-Star line-up of the most respected musicians on Earth…..Page being one of them.

Day 4: For me it was follow Scott Page and possibly not survive….or get out of town. I elected to run with aching feet and three hours sleep for the past three nights. For the next week Page would be performing nearly every night…..Personally had no sex, no drugs…..but plenty of Rock N Roll….

“Technology is moving so quickly it’s hard to keep up… that’s what I like about NAMM. It allows me to get up to speed with all of the new innovations, all in one place”…….Scott Page 

Photos by Billy Hess

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