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Diamond Select Toys’ various Marvel statue lines are the gift that keeps on giving all year round for value-priced statue fans, and it’s no surprise that they’ve got another four items lined up for us to close out their 2019 solicitations! This quartet is mainly aimed at X-Men fans, but there’s some Avengers love as well: the Marvel Gallery Longshot and Emma Frost, Premier Collection Black Panther statue Animated Jean Grey bust are all up for order now! Is DST ending the year on a high note?

Diamond Select Toys Longshot Emma Frost Jean Grey Black Panther Statues

I‘ve been one of the biggest champions of Diamond Select’s Marvel Gallery PVC statues series since literally day one of it being revealed to the public, so it would have been a big disappointment to me if 2019 came to a conclusion without getting at least one more entry in the line solicited for arrival next year.

Luckily, not only did DST have an all-new, never-before-seen addition to the line ready to roll alongside their December solicitations, but they’ve also got a reissue announcement making a popular store exclusive a whole lot easier to get!

Diamond Select Toys Longshot Marvel Gallery Statue

The brand new X-Men Marvel Gallery statue turns out to be Marvel Gallery Longshot—the first full Longshot statue (the Bowen mini bust does not count) ever made! This isn’t terribly surprising since Diamond Select did a Dazzler Gallery statue a while back that’s a rockin’ complement to Longshot (even if not quite the Outback era Dazzler usually associated with Longshot), but it definitely did take me off-guard.

Marvel Gallery Longshot PVC Statue

The Longshot figure itself here looks fun to me in an action-rich throwing pose, although the Ma’gog on the base is certainly a bit weird and not incredibly appealing. Even so, this is a rare bit of merchandise for a character I never, ever expected to see a statue released of. DST will definitely be getting my 45 bucks for the Longshot Gallery PVC.

Emma Frost DST Marvel Gallery PVC Figure

The former exclusive being made available in bigger numbers is the GameStop Emma Frost Diamond Form figure. This hadn’t really been on my radar since I assumed folks would want the “normal” White Queen, but the GameStop Exclusive Emma Frost turned out to be a shocking hit with collectors. I’ve really not seen anything but praise for the piece in the many statue groups and forums I frequent!

Marvel Gallery Emma Frost Diamond Variant Statue

I’m opting for the Free Comic Book Day non-diamond White Queen myself, but for those who dig sparkly plastic, the Diamond Form Emma Frost will now be much more easily available.

Marvel Premier Collection Black Panther Statue DST

After last month’s somewhat overpriced (in my opinion) Juggernaut Premier Collection statue, we get back to the usual wonderfully-priced values with the Marvel Premier Collection Black Panther resin statue. The Black Panther statue is simple, elegant, and available for a wildly cheap $135 shipped from EE. I think this is one of the best Marvel Premier Collection statues in a while, and has potential to be another top seller like Venom and Moon Knight.

X-Men Animated Jean Grey Bust

Finally, we’ve got the latest entry in a series that I haven’t given enough fanfare to: the 90s X-Men Animated series mini bust line. At under 60 bucks each for resin mini busts, these are astoundingly low priced. And after seeing the lineup at NYCC 2019 (including Rogue and Gambit, who aren’t solicited yet!), I’m also impressed with the quality and display value of the lineup.

Diamond Select Jean Grey Mini Bust X-Men Animated Series

The Animated Jean Grey bust is this month’s latest solicit, and will look pretty snazzy displayed with the Cyclops and Wolverine already up for PO. Let’s get Jubilee added to this line stat, DST!

Resin Black Panther Statue Marvel Premiere Collection Diamond Select Toys

All four of these Marvel Diamond Select Toys statues are available for order now, with scheduled arrival dates in May/June 2020. The Longshot is the only must-have here for me, although I think there’s going to be a larger audience for the reissue of Emma and the LE 3000 Black Panther statue and Jean Grey bust.

Any of you Marvel collectors feeing these latest collectibles from DST? I’m curious if anyone has decided to test out the X-Men Animated bust line yet by pre-ordering anything, and I’d also love to hear if anyone is as psyched about a Longshot statue as I am!

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