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The Bachelor is back for Season 15, starring Peter Weber, aka Pilot Pete, aka the Windmill Champ. Every week, TV Guide reviews and recommendations editor Liam Mathews and former The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise cast member Jacqueline Trumbull will overthink every moment of the latest episode in their recap on A Beautiful Podcast to Fall in Love, an unofficial Bachelor Nation show from TV Guide.

This is your hub for every episode. New episodes will be posted here each week, as well as on your favorite podcast provider.

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Listen to each episode individually here:

Ep. 29: The Bachelor Cast Includes a Frog-Hater, a Reddit-Lover, and a Peloton Wife Lookalike

Here’s every episode from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette:

Ep. 14: The Bachelorette Is Going to Be a Frat Party This Season
Ep. 15: In This The Bachelorette Mansion, We Stan Connor J.
Ep. 16: The Bachelorette Is Ruled by F-Boys
Ep. 17: The Bachelorette Sent Cam Home Because He Wore a Hoodie With a Sport Coat
Ep. 18: The Bachelorette Was Low-Key an Ad for Luke S.’s Tequila Brand
Ep. 19: The Bachelorette Episode 5 Almost Kilt Us
Ep. 20: Hannah Might Be the Best Bachelorette of All Time
Ep. 21: Luke Is The Bachelorette‘s Boneheaded Mistake
Ep. 22: The Bachelorette Is Full of Bologna
Ep. 23: The Bachelorette Dad Power Ranking
Ep. 24: Hannah Finally Came to Jesus on The Bachelorette
Ep. 25: The Bachelorette‘s Luke Somehow Dug His Grave Even Deeper During the Men Tell All
Ep. 26: Peter’s Mom Stole the Show During The Bachelorette Finale Part 1
Ep. 27: Don’t Clap for The Bachelorette, She’s Too Sad

Here’s the Bachelor in Paradise special:

Ep. 28: All Hail Demi and Kristian, Queens of Bachelor in Paradise

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Here’s every episode from Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor:

Ep. 1: Listen to A Beautiful Podcast to Fall in Love, an Unofficial Bachelor Nation Show
Ep. 2: The Bachelor Only Just Premiered, But We Already Have a Villain
Ep. 3: The Bachelor‘s Demi Knows Exactly What She’s Doing
Ep. 4: Demi’s Sociopathic Edit Is the Highlight of The Bachelor So Far
Ep. 5: The Bachelor Handled Caelynn’s Conversation About Sexual Assault With Surprising Sensitivity
Ep. 6: The Bachelor Is Giving Us Déjà Vu All Over Again
Ep. 7: We Want to Be Sydney from The Bachelor When We Grow Up
Ep. 8: The Bachelor: Colton Is a Messy Bro Who Lives for Drama
Ep. 9: Hannah G. Rapping on The Bachelor Is What You See Before You Get Bird Box‘d
Ep. 10: The Bachelor: We Were on the Fence About Colton, but We Got Over It
Ep. 11: The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Left Us Unpacified
Ep. 12: The Bachelor: Where Was This Hannah G. All Season?
Ep. 13: The Bachelor‘s Exceptional Finale Made the Whole Season Worth It

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC. It’s available to stream on Hulu.

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