Cats Has Screened, See What People Are Saying


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Cats on the neon bathed streets, looking into camera

While some folks were losing their minds over Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s world premiere last night, there were others who were experiencing the other major motion picture of the holiday season. Director Tom Hooper’s Cats was unveiled to an eager audiences at its very own world premiere last night, and now we have some reactions to a film that’s been the talk of the town for some time.

Surprisingly enough, the reactions have been colorful, but even handed, with people who witnessed the CGI fur extravaganza for themselves speaking up on Twitter. As you’ll see in the following series of tweets, there’s varying opinions on what this film has set out to do; and we’ll start with a pretty hugely positive note.

So while Cats isn’t exactly the serious hard hitting drama that some might expect from the director of Les Miserables, it’s definitely a fun time musical if that reaction is anything to go by. One does not invoke Grease lightly when speaking of musicals these days, and if that’s the high water mark, this film could be more fun than frightening.

Though if you thought Cats wasn’t going to still bewilder or confuse some audience members, then your memory of such prospects will live again. You can thank this ultimately confused reaction to the film’s rather unique source material for that:

So far, Cats is sounding like a weird experience, but not a totally off-kilter masterpiece of crazy. Which means it’s time to vary things up with some good old-fashioned sex appeal, as our next reaction promises something that suggests you may want to see the film before bringing any children to view its charms this holiday season.

Considering that Cats has a PG-rating attached to its film adaptation, the claim that the film is “way too horny for its own good” is a rather odd one. Though, that could just mean there’s quite a bit of overt seduction and enticement these cats throw about to one another. Still, one has to wonder if anything was cut to avoid a PG-13 rating in the process of bringing Cats into its final form; especially if Jason DeRulo’s claims about the film shrinking his manhood are true.

But if we’re going to talk about a musical, surely the music in the film is noteworthy, right? Well, one fan seems to have not only enjoyed the music for Cats’ theatrical incarnation, they’ve also taken a particular shine to the original song written for the film’s awards season prospects:

So there’s some good news and bad news for you folks hoping to see Taylor Swift dominate Cats with her fierce personality. The good news is, according to the tweeter above, her original song with Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Beautiful Ghosts,” is something that should totally be considered for awards consideration.

The bad news is, according to other reactions to the film, she doesn’t appear in too much of Cats’ finished product. Some are even saying it’s roughly a 5-8 minute portion of the film, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

That being said, if you’re looking to be blown away by one of the historically big moments in this show’s historic canon, the final tweet we’re about to show you is very reassuring.

Cats hasn’t always been the most accessible show, but that’s never stopped it from being a hit. It is, after all, one of creator Andrew Lloyd Webber’s greatest hits, and since “Memory” is one of the stand out tracks from Cats’ decades-spanning legacy, that’s one of the tracks you have to nail to call yourself a proper adaptation.

So if you’re looking for Jennifer Hudson to knock it out of the park with that particular song, it sounds like you’re not going to be disappointed in the slightest. And it’s not long until you’ll actually get to see the film for yourself, as Cats hits theaters this Friday.

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