Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Cheat the Gallows


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The Runaways have officially fought their last battle.

The series has come to a close, but did it leave a bitter taste in our mouths or left us craving more?

Given where the show left off of, Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 Episode 10 was sure to be a thrilling ride. And thrilling it was with a plot twist that took us out of time — literally.

On what has been a ruthless season, the most painful scene to watch was Gert’s death by a landslide.

Thankfully, Chase had a plan to undo her untimely demise. Well, Chase in the year 2028 did.

Yes, that’s right. Marvel’s Runaways took a note from Avengers: Endgame and solved their problem with time travel. It was something that Chase had been hard at work on for ten years; since the fateful night of the battle with Morgan.

Data log. June 14th, 2028. The two most powerful forces in life are invisible. The first is love and the second is time. I’m about to harness one in service of the other. If it doesn’t work, if for some reason I don’t come back and you see this, please know that I’m attempting all of it because I’m trying to make up for my mistakes in the past. And I want to make things better. And that includes what happened to her — Gert, I mean. It was always her and only her.


Chase’s dedication and persistence just goes to show how much he truly loved Gert and that makes it all that much more heartbreaking.

But, what better way to showcase how far the Runaways have come than with time travel?

With a time jump to the year 2022 comes a bunch of new developments however for our teens who are not really teens anymore — besides Molly.

Molly is back in high school and the leader of the dance team there, while Karolina has a new girlfriend (gasp!) and is going to college, and Alex founded a tech company. They all seem to be living normal lives, except for Nico and Chase.

Neither of them took Gert’s death very well and Nico ended up leaving the Runaways to learn how to strengthen her powers, and Chase locked himself in his room to figure out how to time travel.

But, if 2028 Chase were successful in saving Gert, then all the alternative versions would get erased. Which, might not be so bad since most of them aren’t where we ever thought they would be.

Nico and Karolina were sadly broken up in the year 2022 and Karolina had seemingly moved on with a new girlfriend.

But, was she truly happy?

From what we have seen throughout Marvel’s Runaways Season 3, Karolina loves Nico more than anything, and she must have been devastated when she left after Gert died.

I just, I need to tell you something, something’s that more important than Morgan or the staff. I know what’s going through your mind. You think that you can’t have it all, right? That you have to choose. Strength versus love. Darkness or light. That the only way to protect those you love is to leave them. And I think I made a mistake in this moment, so just stay and fight. Believe the way Karolina believes, with your whole heart. Let her lead you into something better. That’s what love is. And I think, knowing what I know now, it’s way more powerful than magic.

Future Nico

And after Nico returned, Karolina was trying hard to convince her girlfriend that she was over Nico, but it seemed to be as if she was trying to convince herself as well.

Thankfully, that timeline and those versions of Karolina and Nico got erased, and they can live happily ever after as they rightfully deserve.

Even though Karolina and Nico got some great scenes on the series finale, it was truly all about Gert and Chase.

Chase loved Gert so much and losing her during the battle with Morgan scarred him quite deeply.

Gert’s stubbornness must have worn off on Chase though because he spent the next ten years doing everything in his power to undo her death.

In the end, he succeeded. But, he, the future Chase, sacrificed his own life to save Gert’s. That’s what we call true love.

Fortunately, the Chase from the present was unaffected by his future self’s death and he also got a happy ending with Gert.

Alex’s future, on the other hand, was left up in the air.

As we saw from the 2028 version of Alex, he turned over to the dark side as he did in the comics and was going back in time to kill all the Runaways.

He claimed that one of the Runaways tried to kill him in the future — my bets are on Chase. But why would one of them do that? It is highly doubtful that they would try to kill him unprompted.

Teen: Please don’t kill me. I can’t die before Hillary’s elected.
Alex: Have you told them?
Teen: No, please don’t.
Alex: The truth?
Molly: About the election?
Alex: About who he is, who you all are in the future.

The odds are that, and this probably would have been explored more had there been a Season 4, that Alex becomes evil — something that the writers have been hinting at all of Marvel’s Runaways Season 3.

Given that the hour ended with Alex looking at a note from his future self instructing him to kill Nico among other requests, the big bad of Marvel’s Runaways Season 4 was going to be Alex Wilder.

Overall, the series finale of Marvel’s Runaways was a satisfying ending to a show that has given us inspiring relationships, thoughtful storylines, and villains that are a force to be reckoned with.

It was fan service at its finest as the mangled group of Runaways traveled through time together to witness different versions of themselves.

Chase: Karolina come on, the eye makeup doesn’t have to be perfect!
Molly: It’s just breakfast dude and I’m starving.
Gert: When are you not starving?
Karolina: It’s not always about the makeup you guys, I was taking a minute to be grateful.
Nico: Yeah, it seems like we dodged a bullet.
Gert: Oh by bullet you mean a sorceress apocalypse.
Alex: Hopefully the last of them.
Chase: What? Are you breaking up the band Wilder?
Alex: I’m not breaking up any band Chase. I’m just saying a little peace and quiet would be nice, no?
Molly: Just after breakfast.

The scenes where Alex struggled to wheel his AV tech through the high school’s campus and where Chase from 2028 stood up for Gert particularly were a joy to watch, as well as past Molly’s interaction with past Gert.

Marvel’s Runaways will be missed dearly, but at least we were gifted with a fantastic final season that will be one for the books.

So what did you think Marvel’s Runaways Fanatics?

Were you satisfied with the series’ ending? How did you feel about the time travel twist? And who else wants to go to that Star Wars Hotel Alex was talking about?

Let me know in the comments and do not forget that you can watch Marvel’s Runaways online right here on TV Fanatic!

Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 is now streaming on Hulu.

Sarah Little is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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