The 5 most exciting 2019 Game Awards announcements


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The Game Awards are, as the name suggests, an awards ceremony, but that’s not why the majority of viewers tune in. Everyone’s excited about the new video game reveals from some of the largest publishers and developers in the industry. The 2019 Games definitely delivered in that category over the course of the night. Most of the reveals weren’t particularly jaw-dropping but, like always, the show still had a few big surprises. Here’s a rundown of the 5 biggest Game Awards announcements.

Demo Festival

Game Awards announcements demos

Before the ceremony even began, its host and organizer Geoff Keighley made a big Game Awards announcement. Instead of requiring everyone to attend a gaming convention to try out the newest titles, the Game Awards is sponsoring a Game Festival. As part of the festival, gamers can play demos of video games like System Shock, Eastward, and SkateBIRD, among others. They’re now available through Steam until Saturday at 10:00 am PT.

Ghost of Tsushima extended look and release date

Game Awards announcements Ghost

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We hadn’t seen anything from Ghost of Tsushima since it was announced over two years ago. But earlier this week Sony dropped a teaser trailer during this week’s State of Play presentation that promised to reveal more the Game Awards. Last night we indeed learned more about Sucker Punch’s open-world game starring the last samurai on Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan in the 1270s. Sony shared an extended cinematic trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, with a release date. The game releases Summer 2020, making if officially the final exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

Xbox Series X (with Hellblade II)

Game Awards announcements xbox series x

In a completely unexpected move even by industry insiders, Microsoft offered a first look at the Xbox Series X, their next-gen console for Holiday 2020. They paired the announcement with Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II from Ninja Blade. The game looks gorgeous and incredibly lifelike in 4K and really proves the value of new hardware for gaming. No one thought a new console would be part of the Game Award announcements, so this is a very big deal.

Godfall for PlayStation 5

Game Awards announcements Godfall

Sony revealed Godfall, its first exclusive title for PS5, Godfall. It looks pretty generic, just another loot-driven, live-service service. Godfall is developed by Gearbox, the studio behind the well-liked but uninspired Borderlands 3. The PlayStation 5 itself wasn’t shared during the Game Awards, so Sony almost certainly has more exciting exclusives left to announce. Still, the announcement of a PlayStation 5 exclusive arriving at the launch of the console is big news in and of itself.

The Wolf Among Us 2 by TellTale Games is back on

Game Awards announcements TellTale

TellTale Games shut its doors in 2018, laying off the majority of its employees with only 2 weeks of health insurance because of mismanagement at the top of the company. NoClip made a very revealing documentary about its final days. Well, a few months ago, news outlets ran headlines touting that TellTale was back. But, in reality, it was a new company run by new people hoping to profit from TellTale’s IP. There was a lot of doubt whether they were actually interested in making new games.

Well, tonight the studio shared the first footage from Wolf Among Us 2, the previously canceled sequel to the beloved video game spinoff of the Fables comics. There’s plenty we still don’t know, including the ultimate quality of the game, but this is still good news for fans of narrative games. Time will tell how the new TellTale’s story will ultimately play out.

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