Sideshow Exclusive Wolverine Tiger Stripe Sixth Scale Figure Up for Order!

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While Sideshow Collectibles’ Marvel sixth scale figures line got off to a rocky start with a 1/6 Deadpool that’s still available over half a decade after going up for sale (seriously), the figures that came after him sold much better—including the Brown Costume Wolverine that swiftly sold out and escalated in value on the aftermarket. Turns out demand for Logan wasn’t met, many collectors cried out for more, and here he is: the 1/6 Sideshow Wolverine Tiger Stripe figure is now up for order!

Sideshow Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure Bone Claws

My jaw fell open a little bit when I searched back through my archives and discovered that the first Marvel Comics 1:6 figure that Sideshow did—Deadpool—went up for purchase way back in September 2014. Time flies, huh?

Sideshow’s Brown Costume Wolverine followed in 2015, and was much better received by collectors, selling out fairly quickly a few years ago now. But while that 1/6 Wolverine did fine sales-wise, fandom wasn’t fully satisfied by that release—and Sideshow has listened!

The changes from the old Wolverine Sideshow sixth scale figure to this one are mostly pretty obvious at a glance: a 100% different costume and a 100% new head (for better or worse).

Sideshow Marvel Comics Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure 2020

Some collectors didn’t like how realistic and textured the brown costume from 2015 was, and Sideshow has responded here with a very spandex-looking Tiger Stripe costume.

Tiger Stripe Wolverine Sideshow Collectibles 12 Inch Figure Back

I expected this to be a controversial decision, but the overall response I’ve seen from collectors thus far to this switch has been predominantly positive. Turns out fans like Wolverine looking comic book-y!

Sideshow Tiger Stripe Wolverine Portrait Head Sculpt

Less positive have been the responses to the new head sculpt. The new portrait gives us a closed-mouth Wolverine—something collectors did want—but with an expression with a hint of being a smile and a hint of being a frown. It feels very 90s X-Men Animated Series to me, so I’m not especially bothered by the portrait, but I have seen several people voice their displeasure.

Sideshow Collectibles Tiger Stripe Wolverine Swappable Arms

While prices have gone up industry-wide since the last time a Wolverine 1/6 figure was solicited, the exclusive edition of this one is priced exactly the same as the 2015 iteration. But there’s a catch! This time out there’s no alternative unmasked Logan head sculpt, and less interchangeable hands included (although we do get some very cool swappable articulated and non-articulated arms!). So the price hasn’t increased—but what Sideshow is able to cost in has decreased slightly. Bummer.

Sideshow Collectibles Tiger Stripe Wolverine Swappable Arms

While many collectors were hoping the Sideshow Exclusive Tiger Stripe Wolverine additional extra would be a new, less psychotic-looking Logan head, the actual bonus is less exciting: bone claws to recreate 90s Wolverine post-Fatal Attractions. I think these are a little bit underwhelming as the exclusive extra, but like everything ever in comic books, the bone claws have their fans.

Bone Claws Sideshow Exclusive Tiger Stripe Wolverine 12 Inch Figure

The Exclusive Sideshow Collectibles Tiger Stripe Wolverine sixth scale figure is available now for order, and is scheduled to be released in summer 2020 (June-September). This ought to be up for pre-order without much risk of selling out for some months to come, although the most popular figures in this series like the previous Wolverine, Punisher and Ghost Rider all did sell through rather fast. Keep your eye on this Logan’s stock status as it gets closer to launch time if you’re on the fence about this one.

Has Sideshow improved upon their recipe for Wolverine or made it worse with this new version, Marvel collectors? How do you like the portrait and the more spandex-looking material on this costume, and are you on-board for this sixth scale figure?

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