Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Adds Even More New Class Feats


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The sequel to a popular third-party Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides even more feat options for players. Earlier this year, ComicBook.com discussed Daerdan’s Class Feats, a Dungeons & Dragons supplement by Wyatt Tull that add over a hundred new class-specific feats for players to use in their games. Tull has now released a second volume of Daerdan’s Class Feats, adding over 100 new feats primarily meant to open up new playstyles for players. As in the first volume, Daerdan’s Class Feats: Volume II contains a diverse set of feats, granting everything from minor spellcasting ability to martial classes to granting abilities that make it easier to build your character a certain way.

Many of the feats in Daerdan’s Class Feats: Volume II provide players with a foundation for building their character a certain way. Want to make your Bard a Mime? There’s a feat that helps with that – the Mime feat gives a Bard the ability to cast the Silence spell and allows them to forgo a spell’s verbal components twice per day. The Forbidden Forms feat allows Circle of the Moon druids to Wild Shape into certain monstrosities that follow the same limitations as normal Wild Shape Forms. A Fighter can take the Pugilist feat, allowing them to deal extra damage with unarmed strikes, while a Ranger can take a Trapper feat to make more versatile and deadly traps.


Although feats are a popular feature in Dungeons & Dragons, they’re rather limited in number in official publications. Not only does Daerdan’s Class Feats: Volume II fill a need, it also opens the door for a variety of playstyles without resorting to an entirely new subclass or class. This is a great supplement and well worth a look from players who are looking to spice up their character builds.

Daerdan’s Class Feats: Volume II is available now on the DMs Guild for $4.95.

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