Iron Studios X-Men Statues! Cyclops! Wolverine! Rogue! Beast! 1:10 BDS!

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Last month, Iron Studios debuted their mind-blowingly insane X-Men vs. Sentinel statue that, while amazing, 99%+ of collectors could (or would) never, ever pay ~$1800 for. But all is not lost for X-Men fans with smaller display areas (or smaller credit limits)! Iron Studios had a plan for those collectors as well, and after a few weeks of slowly rolling them out, affordably-priced Iron Studios Cyclops, Wolverine, Beast and Rogue statues are all up for order individually! If you can’t have these with the massive Sentinel diorama, are they still worth the investment?

Iron Studios X-Men Series Statues Wolverine Rogue Beast Cyclops

As a hardcore X-Men fanboy, I was overcome with a mighty sense of “WANT” when I saw the first of 3 Sentinel vs. X-Men dioramas solicited last month. I’ve managed to ward off my lust for that massive piece thus far (even with the exclusive Jubilee included), but I don’t think my will is strong enough to resist these individual pieces as well.

Cyclops Iron Studios X-Men Statue Size Scale PhotoI know that three of these four resin Battle Diorama Series (BDS) statues were actually put up for sale last month, but I made the mistake of waiting for Cyclops to be solicited as well in order to talk about them as a group. My apologies! But now that Slim has officially joined the party, let’s have a look…

Iron Studios Cyclops BDS Statue

Since the Iron Studios Cyclops is the newest addition to the POs, I’ll focus on him first (and most). There’s a pretty big difference between the Sentinel diorama Cyclops and this solo version, and it’s that the diorama Cyke has a humongous optic blast coming out of his visor (and blasting into the Sentinel leg)… and this iteration does not.

Close-Up of Cyclops Iron Studios X-Men BDS Statue Detailing

Honestly, I think the loss of the optic blast effects piece hurts this statue in a way that taking the other characters away from the diorama didn’t. Cyclops just feels kinda boring to me without an effects blast, which is a real shame since I totally love this pose (which is stolen straight out of the Capcom X-Men/Marvel vs. Capcom series).

Iron Studios X-Men Cyclops Base

On the other hand, the sculpting detail on Cyclops’ Jim Lee costume is intricately done here, and I love the clear ice added to the base for this solo Cyke BDS statue. You can’t really have the X-Men without Cyclops, so this is a must-have for me (and most collectors), even if I do wish the optic blast was still present.

Iron Studios Beast X-Men Battle Diorama Series Statue on Sentinel Head Base

Next up is the biggest figure of this first batch, everyone’s favorite blue-furred Beast! Rather than being perched atop the Sentinel’s shoulder (as he is on the diorama), Beast is here ripping at the severed head of a Sentinel on the ground. That concept seems a mite weird, but hey—it definitely does look pretty badass!

Close-Up of Iron Studios Beast StatueIron Studios really nailed the blue tone for the paint on Hank McCoy’s fur, and I love the perfect contrast with the blue on his trunks. The brown mud deco on his feet may be a touch of overkill, but otherwise I think all the colors on this are fantastic.

Beast Iron Studios BDS StatueAs he should be, Beast is wide and perfectly proportioned. I like how the large Sentinel head base allows Hank to still be perched without coming as part of a nearly $2K robot diorama.

Size and Scale of Rogue Iron Studios X-Men Statue

Despite only being in the 1:10 scale (slightly bigger than a Marvel Legends figure), I think this is my favorite Rogue statue that I’ve seen to date from any company (yes, even including the very nice $700 Rogue Premium Format Figure Sideshow sold me earlier this year).

Side View of Iron Studios Rogue X-Men Statue

Iron Studios doesn’t shy away from giving us a Rogue that actually looks angry and ready for battle rather than smiling, and I really appreciate that fact.

Rogue Battle Diorama Series Iron Studios Statue 2020 X-Men

Whereas Sideshow gave us a 1:4 Rogue PF where she’s leisurely flying around smiling, the battle-ready Rogue charging in for a knockout punch here looks terrific.

Wolverine Iron Studios X-Men Statue

Finally, we’ve got the Iron Studios Wolverine statue. Honestly, I was a bit taken aback by this when I first saw it, as it feels a bit weird from a head-on view with Logan’s claws crossed as he’s apparently falling forward.

Iron Studios Wolverine Statue Battle Diorama Series

Thankfully, when this resin Wolverine figure is turned to any other perspective, it looks vastly (and I mean vastly) better. You can see that Wolverine’s arms positioned in the midst of slashing viciously, and his body is posed leaping forward to deliver the killing blow.

Sculpting Details on Wolverine Iron Studios Statue

The paint detail on the arms, sculpting detail on the costume texture and ferocious facial expression all really bring this Jim Lee Wolverine together.

X-Men BDS Iron Studios StatuesThese four Iron Studios X-Men 1:10 scale statues are up for order now, and are scheduled for release in the latter half of 2020. Sideshow Collectibles is the official US distributor for these statues, and have noticeably cheaper prices than BBTS and other specialty stores as a result. Professor X actually sold out during pre-orders earlier this year, so I think it’s worth securing any of these other X-Men early if you KNOW you’ll want them.

How do you feel about these more economical iterations of the X-Men Iron Studios statues, Marvel collectors? Are any of you who were hard “out” for the exorbitant Sentinel diorama in for any of these solo statues, and which team members are you looking forward to seeing getting individual releases in the future?

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