Marvel Legends Black Widow Movie Series Up for Order! Crismon Dynamo BAF!

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Just when we thought we were safe from any more Hasbro Marvel Legends pre-orders in 2019, we got a shock mid-December surprise from Hasbro this morning: the Marvel Legends Black Widow Movie series of figures is now up for order in both full cases and as individuals of every character!

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Red Guardian

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Full Case with Crismon Dynamo Build-A-Figure

Marvel Legends Black Widow Series Figures

Once the Black Widow movie trailer dropped a few days ago, I really should have foreseen that pre-orders for the Black Widow Legends 6″ figures series from Hasbro would be opening up for orders imminently. Alas, I did not, so my jaw dropped the same time as everyone else when these figures were solicited this morning!

As I was caught totally off-guard, I’ll be updating this article with my thoughts as I have a chance to carefully look at each figure from this wave. But in the meantime, if you’re worried about being shut out, be sure to check out the links and get your pre-orders placed for any figure you think might be a quick sell-out!

Black Widow Marvel Legends Movie Figure PackagedI think the decision to make Natasha herself one-per-case in her own series is rather confounding. I think she’s definitely a figure with potential to hit sell-out status on specialty store websites before the wave actually ships at all, as let’s face it: there’s never been a poor-selling MCU movie figure of Black Widow. I understand wanting to double-pack that cool movie Taskmaster, but not at the titular character’s expense. Truly weird.

Black Widow Marvel Legends Taskmaster Figure PackagedSpeaking of that new 2020 Marvel Legends Taskmaster though….! Man, this action figure looks better than the character looked in the actual movie trailer! There’s no Build-A-Figure piece with Taskmaster, but I think fans will be willing to forgive that given the three pairs of swap-out hands he comes with, plus the sword, shield and bow. This is just super-cool and bound to be a hit.

Marvel Legends Black Widow Series Winter Soldier Packaged

There’s never been a single-packed ML Winter Soldier comics-based 6″ figure released ever, and this is as good of a place for one as any. Bucky is pretty significant in the Marvel comics, so this ought to be the hottest comic book-based figure in the wave by a large margin. Or it would be, if he wasn’t shipping in the same assortment as…

Marvel Legends Crossbones Figure Packaged…the long-awaited and long-rumored Marvel Legends Crossbones figure. This particular figure has been rumored for an individual release ever since the Abomination Series three years ago, so collectors’ appetites are certainly whet for it. With four pistols (and two holsters) and a Crimson Dynamo arm, this looks like a solid representation of a character that’s been underrepresented in six inch form at mass retail.

Marvel Legends Red Guardian Figure PackagedDavid Harbour makes his Marvel Legends debut as the Red Guardian movie figure in this wave as well. I didn’t really get guffaw the way that many folks did at the fat jokes about Red Guardian in the movie trailer, and this isn’t a character I typically care about, so I’m not really psyched about this release. This figure looks nice and all, but all I can see is Sheriff Hopper! I really wish a masked head had been included.

Marvel Legends Yelena Bolova Black Widow Series Figure PackagedThe last movie figure in the series is the blonde Black Widow, Yelena Bolova. I’d love to see a comics-based Yelena get a fresh release at some point in 2020, but for now we’ve got the movie version who looks pretty swell. I don’t really think that the expression-less face was the best choice, but she comes with two huge chunks of Crimson Dynamo that are bigger than she is, and I expect the character to be a breakout star when the movie lands next summer.

Marvel Legends Spymaster Figure Packaged

Finally, we’ve got the F-List obscure character of the wave: Spymaster. This is a character that 99% of shoppers seeing in stores won’t know who he is–but comic book fans who do remember Spymaster are going to be delighted. Fun pick, and hopefully it doesn’t end up being cleared out at 75% off a year from now thanks to including the last piece of…

Marvel Legends Crimson Dynamo Build-A-Figure Black Widow Series…the Crimson Dynamo! I don’t believe that I heard anyone guess that the Build-A-Figure for this series would be a Crimson Dynamo BAF, but it absolutely makes 100% sense. The ML Crimson Dynamo figure looks like a 100% new mold to me, and just looks awesome. I think that this might be a terrific carrot to sell that Spymaster figure to a lot of fans who otherwise would pass instantly, not knowing who the hell Spymaster is. Good call, Hasbro!

Black Widow Legends Series Hasbro Marvel Legends 2020The 2020 Marvel Legends Black Widow Movie Marvel Legends series is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released officially on April 1st 2020. Hopefully there aren’t any April Fools’ Day hijinks and this set actually arrives on-time as scheduled! I’m really looking forward to building that Crimson Dynamo Build-A-Figure!

What do you think of this wave, ML collectors? Has Hasbro hit a home run with character selection and the actual toys, and will you be buying the whole set in order to build the Crimson Dynamo?

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