Team17 Reveals The Survivalists, A New Sandbox Game Set In The Escapists’ Universe


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As part of today’s Nintendo Indie World showcase, Team17 has revealed The Survivalists for Nintendo Switch.

The game is a ‘survival-lite’ sandbox game set in The Escapists’ universe which combines crafting, building, and even the odd bit of monkey training. Players must battle against the forces of nature across procedurally-generated islands filled with different and perilous biomes and explore loot-filled temples full of riches and puzzles to solve.

It all takes place in what Team17 describes as “a rich world that never stands still”, complete with its own day and night cycle, a broad range of animals such as boars, big cats, and sharks, and deadly fanatics highly skilled in combat. To help with survival, the game includes a mimic system that allows players to train the local monkey population to gather resources, build structures, or even fight off threats, while a crafting system offers plenty of weapons to unlock and develop.

You can either try to survive alone, or you can team up in collaborative and session-based online co-op. It’ll be available digitally on Switch next year.

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