Marvel Legends Stepford Cuckoos & Black Costume Storm Revealed!

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Thought the Marvel Legends 2020 figure reveals were over until after the holidays…? Think again! Hasbro continued their world tour this weekend at the Germany Dortmund Comic-Con, where they revealed two new exclusives that cover somewhere between 2 and 6 characters depending on how you count! Not only will POs for a Retro Storm Black Costume figure open on Monday, but Hasbro also revealed the widely-rumored Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Stepford Cuckoos figure! The only question for Cuckoos fans is: how many will you need to be satisfied? One, 3 for the Three-In-One… or going all out with 5 for the Five-In-One?

Marvel Legends Black Costume Storm and Stepford Cuckoos Exclusives

Word got out a while ago that a listing for the Stepford Cuckoos was spotted in the Walgreens database, and seeing as how they certainly fit the bill of the type of X-Related female ML Exclusives Walgreens has been getting lately, it was easy to accept that these mutant schoolgirls would be a reality soon enough.

We didn’t see them at NYCC or any of the international comic conventions since, so I postulated that perhaps Hasbro was waiting to do the grandiose reveal of Emma Frost’s young clones at New York Toy Fair 2020. But nope! They were the more interesting of the two premieres at Dortmund Comic Con in Germany today by a large margin!

Marvel Legends Stepford Cuckoos Walgreens Exclusive Figure Packaged 2020

Following in the footsteps of the insanely popular Walgreens Exclusive Dani Moonstar figure, the next X-Woman to get the army-builder treatment at Walgreens is a member (you pick!) of the Stepford Cuckoos! Originally introduced as the Five-in-One during Grant Morrison’s New X-Men nearly two decades ago, most comic book fans are more familiar with the Three-In-One Cuckoos that were around since the deaths of Sophie and Esme during Morrison’s run.

But with the new status quo for mutants in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men series that mutants never die, all five Stepford Cuckoos live again! So whether collectors are satisfied with 1, 3 or even 5 of this figure is definitely going to vary from fan to fan.

Marvel Legends Stepford Cuckoos Five-In-One with Blonde Hair

The vast majority of Cuckoos fans out there are most familiar with Celeste, Irma/Mindee, Esme, Sophie and Phoebe with blonde hair, so I imagine that almost everyone will be displaying these figures with their blonde heads. But hey–it’s always nice to have options!

Black Haired Stepford Cuckoos Marvel Legends Figure Walgreens Exclusive

For those who haven’t been following X-Men comic books closely for the last few years and are scratching your own heads regarding the alternate heads with different colored hair included here, the dyed-head Cuckoos were a part of Brian Michael Bendis’ run on Uncanny X-Men. Bendis had the Cuckoos want to assert their individuality more, so he had Mindee dye her hair black and Phoebe dye her hair red.

Marvel Legends Stepford Cuckoos Figure with Red Hair

Since the Walgreens Emma Frost released this year was in her Brian Michael Bendis black costume, it sort of makes sense to create these particular heads for the different Cuckoos–even if most collectors are unlikely to ever actually utilize the extra heads. Can’t fault Hasbro for going above and beyond!

Marvel Legends Retro Storm Black Costume Variant Packaged

The other new reveal at the German Comic Con today was a variant that I think we all knew would be coming eventually–but perhaps not just yet! As soon as the Vintage Marvel Legends Storm figure in white costume came out earlier this year, it was basically a foregone conclusion that we’d be seeing that costume repainted and reissued down the road in black and silver variants.

2020 Marvel Legends Storm Black Costume Figure Variant

I sort of thought we’d be seeing the silver costume Storm released before the black costume (since there’s so much debate regarding whether the Jim Lee Storm costume was silver or white in the comics), but Hasbro has defied expectations and gone with the black costume first. We had to get this color eventually, and it looks great, so I’ve got no complaints.

Blonde Stepford Cuckoo Marvel Legends Figure

The shared Exclusive Marvel Legends Black Costume Storm Retro Series figure goes up for order on Monday, and is scheduled to ship out in Spring 2020. It should be available via BBTS, EE, Hasbro Pulse, and the other usual suspects. The Walgreens Stepford Cuckoos are also set for Spring 2020, but are unlikely to go up for sale until they are physically in the warehouses next year. I imagine they’re going to sell spectacularly, given the three heads for customizing purposes (plus the Cerebro helmet and extra fists).

Thoughts on the Dortmund Comic Con 2019 reveals, Marvel collectors? Are you satisfied with your Retro Storm ML figure in white costume, or are you needing this black variant? And how many Stepford Cuckoos Legends figures do you need to make your roster feel complete…?

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