Hot Toys Iron Spider Armor Spider-Man 1/6 Figure Up for Order!

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The popular new joke this year between Hot Toys collectors is that Spider-Man is the new Iron Man, playing off the fact that we’re used to getting many 1/6 Iron Man armors per year and now we’re getting multiple new Spider-Man costumes instead (what with Tony Stark dead now in the MCU and all). But this time out–Spider-Man actually is a new Iron Man armor: the Hot Toys Iron Spider sixth scale figure is now up for order!

Iron Spider Hot Toys Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure Legs

While Spider-Man has had a ton of costumes over the years in his thousands of comic book appearances, there’s only two that I would consider to have a level of iconic status that can even come close to that of the classic red-and-blue costume: the black symbiote Spidey costume and the Stark Iron Spider armor popularized during Civil War (and sort of adapted into the MCU in Infinity War/Endgame).

As Hot Toys doesn’t hold a license to create comic-based Marvel 12″ figures, I really didn’t imagine the day would ever come when we’d see a Hot Toys Iron Spider sixth scale figure. But then the Spider-Man PS4 game happened, and the acquisition of the GamerVerse license changed the rules of the game as far as what could and couldn’t be done! Now that the Iron Spider-Man armor is happening, is the figure actually any good…?

Hot Toys GamerVerse Iron Spider Sixth Scale Figure

Uh… yes. Hell yes. For those who can afford to collect them, in my eyes there’s not a company on Earth that makes Marvel figures better than Hot Toys. At a price-point of ~$220 and up, they’d better be good–and in fact, they always are pretty much golden. This new Spider-Man variant costume is no exception.

Spider-Man Hot Toys PS4 GamerVerse 12 Inch Iron Spider Figure

As it correctly should to be accurate to the source material in the comics, this Iron Spider has three legs. I’ve seen some folks complain there should be four legs (for the sake of aesthetics, I guess), but Hot Toys is being authentic to the costume’s design, and I absolutely appreciate that. The three mechanical pincers are all highly-detailed and articulated and look frankly awesome. Sentinel did a very nice version of this costume recently themselves, but I think Hot Toys takes the prize with their own version.

Hot Toys Spider-Man Iron Spider Armor Figure without Legs

The arms are removable if (for some reason) you prefer this outfit without the pincers attached, although I doubt many folks will be opting for this particular display option. Poor Spidey looks a little naked in the Iron Spider Armor without the arms attached!

Hot Toys Iron Spider Armor Figure and Accessories

In addition to the arms, this figure includes the ubiquitous display stand, as well as a variety of (ten) interchangeable hands, plus various webs and web effect pieces. There’s not a ton of accessories included here, but I daresay that everything you’d want or expect with this particular release is present and accounted for.

Web Shooting Iron Spider Armor Hot Toys Spider-Man GamerVerse Figure

At $250, I think this is very fairly priced–and perhaps even a little bit of a “deal” given the three arms included (though it’s obviously tough to call any $250 action figure a “deal”). It certainly isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but I think the price is reasonable given the unique tooling and engineering necessary to facilitate creation of this popular costume.

Iron Spider Armor Hot Toys Spider-Man Figure

The Hot Toys Iron Spider-Man GamerVerse 12″ figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in Q2 2020 (April-June 2020). Hot Toys thankfully wised up and didn’t make this a limited exclusive release like the Scarlet Spider that sold out instantly, so collectors should have a more fair chance of snagging this particular sixth scale figure without having to instantly jump on it.

Sound off, Spider-Man fans! Is this Iron Spider-Man a must-have for your collection, or are you drawing a line in the sand with the parade of variants that Hot Toys has been bringing our way in 1/6 form this year? Are there any other costumes you’d like to see made after this and the Velocity Suit that’s presumably scheduled to be solicited next?

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