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Address: Frank & Son Collectible Show
19649 E. San Jose Ave.
City of Industry, CA. 91748

Opening Hours: All Wednesdays 3:00 pm – 9:00pm & All Saturdays 9:00am – 5:00pm

If you didn’t know or haven’t been to Frank and Son before I highly recommend you do so. I last went to Frank’s about three years ago and fell in love with the place and it was great to revisit it!

I should mention that Frank and Son will be moving sometime in the near future that they’ll be moving to another building in the City of Industry area and when they’ll do so I’ll update the address.

It’s not very difficult to find and get to Frank and Son in the City of Industry and when it’s open it’s well advertised. Frank and Son are in a large warehouse and it’s truly large! When I first went there three years ago I was in absolute awe.

Frank and Son is a store of two halves of sorts as half of the store are for RPG card tournaments and the other half is a collectible store with vendors selling collectible cards, coins, pins, Funko Pops, wrestling merchandise, action figures, comic books, graphic novels, and statues, etc. It’s all clearly organized with the isles having numbers on top of them so if you find a vendor in one the isles and you want to revisit them you can take note of the number which is a great tool to find where you are in the place.

All the vendors have a lot of products, so you could easily look round each stall for a good while, I certainly did! If your a figure collector you’ll be in absolute heaven here! I should mention and warn you that some of the vendors do overcharge for certain figures and sell Walgreens, Target, etc exclusive figures for higher prices. Which as a collector I completely disagree with that practice.

I should also mention that outside the entrance to Frank and Son there’s a food stall that sells street food such as nachos, corn dogs, etc for great prices. It’s quite handy as it’s a little way out of town and you’ll probably want to spend a considerable amount of time in Frank and Sons.

I did buy a number of collectibles from three vendors at Frank and Son:

Q’s Toys

Q’s Toys was one of the first vendors that I visited at Frank and Son and Q’s Toys really specializes in all sorts of collectible figures. They sold a number of G.I Joe collectibles, DC figures, horror and video games from various brands from 1/6 scale Hot Toys to 7″ scale NECA figures.

There were a lot of old and new products, all of which were very clearly laid out. There were a lot of display cabinets with a wide array of high-end collectibles. All of the products were very reasonably priced too which is great!

My D Pins & Collectibles

I’m a big fan of the Star Wars Black Series line and I was amazed by My D Pins and Collectibles Black Series line. Not only that they had a large array of Marvel Legends too and not just the single card ones either. They also had some McFarlane Toys products, Hiya Toys, Transformers, import and Mezco One:12 figures.

The stall was clearly laid out with all the collectibles on display and what was really great is that they had a promotion on most of their products. Ones with white stickers were a buy-one get-one-half price which was a great deal! Especially as they had the latest products. I would highly recommend this store. I should also mention there is a My D Pins & Collectibles store in Anaheim too.

Best In Collectibles

I have to say the store that I remember most fondly from my last trip to Frank and Son three years ago was the Best In Collectibles store. Best in Collectibles specializes in selling NECA figures everything from standard releases, retro figures, ultimates, and 1/4 scale figures. All for very reasonable prices.

What else I really love about Best in Collectibles is that they sell both old and new products. As I’m based in the UK NECA can’t release all their products internationally such as some of the retro figures so going to Best in Collectibles will fill some gaps in my NECA collection! If you’re looking for NECA figures I highly recommend Best in Collectibles!

On a final note, I should mention that I’ll be going to L.A next summer and I’ll be attending SDCC and you can bet I’ll be paying another visit to Frank & Son regardless if they’ve moved or not. So expect an update to this article next summer!

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