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The salaciously classy and beautiful actress Laurene Landon inaugurated her film career during the 1980’s. She has been recognized for her roles in Airplane llManiac Cop and Maniac Cop 2All the MarblesI, the JuryHundra, and many more. Landon’s career is about to explode as she will be appearing in a cascade of new movies shortly, Nation’s Fire, and Agramon’s Gate, both out early next year.

Hailing originally from Canada, Landon attended California State University in their police academy program, however the realization that she would have to hold a gun one day caused her to try modeling instead. Shortly after deciding that modeling was boring and after becoming the runner-up in the Miss Black Velvet pageant in Las Vegas, she began an acting career as an extra. Since then she has achieved success as an actress, and in her spare time Landon has been known to write a screenplay or two….

I had a brilliant and intimate conversation with Laurene and realized that she’s probably one of the funniest people I know, without knowing it herself…..she answered the phone asking me if I were the IRS, then quickly told me she had relocated to Zimbabwe. 

You are about to have a bunch of movies erupting shortly….

I have Nation’s Fire coming out and Agramon’s Gate directed by Harley Wallen, I think in February and it’s winning all of the festivals. We won Best Feature Film at the eighth annual Eclipse Award, Yan Birch won Best Actor, it won Best Trailer…..

I adore Yan.

Chris Riley won Best Actor. We won The Independent Horror Movie Award….Kaiti Wallen won best female actor,… 

What kind of role do you play? 

I play the mother of the lead actor played by Chris Riley, who is a wonderful young actor. It starts off with a séance that goes terribly wrong. My son doesn’t want to have this séance because he doesn’t believe in anything so creepy, but his wife played by Kaiti Wallen wants to have it. She thinks it will be fun. When they have the séance this demon comes to life. The demon starts killing people and his name is Agramon. I am in a mental hospital…. not right now but usually I am, I am in a mental hospital for 25 years in this movie. The reason I took the role was because I always improv. I always do a lot improv in my films. This role was so challenging because I’m in a hospital bed the whole movie except for some flashbacks where I come to my son in dreams. I’m in Posey restraints because she’s gone insane because my character saw my son murder my husband when he was trying to murder me. My character is called Sharon Stann. So my son has never been the same and I’ve never been the same. I’m in a loony bin and the demon comes to find me in the hospital. He comes in different forms. He comes in the form of an Asian woman and he comes in the form of my husband played by Yan Birch. 

Agramon’s Gate Trailer:

Sounds scary.

Yan Birch was wonderful in this movie by the way. He just doesn’t get the credit that he deserves. He’s so exotic looking. So, my character is very, very religious and the demon is trying to get to me, and trying to kill me, and trying to possess me. He almost does it, but my faith eclipses my fear. The entire movie is about fear. Agramon is the demon of fear in mythology. What’s so great about Harley Wallen is he always tackles issues that other people won’t tackle. He tackles human trafficking that other people won’t touch, and he tackles fear, which is another reason why I wanted to do this movie. I’ve been in fear all my life. I’m always afraid, but not of scary movies ever. Except for Forensic Files, I’m terrified of that show. Do you ever watch that show?

I don’t, I’ve never seen it.

OMG, Eileen, you have to watch it. It gets you hooked after one episode. They don’t have any commercials, they just go onto the next serial killer, or the next murderer. I’m so addicted to the show. It’s more terrifying because it’s real life and it’s not made up. There are so many episodes that are so impossible to believe and you wonder why you haven’t heard about it. The reason we don’t hear about it is because it’s happened in the 70s or the 80s and they just recently discovered how to connect DNA to murders. So now they have the means to catch these killers that have been running around free for 30, 40 years. Do you like horror movies at all?

I’m a little scared of them.

You are scared of them??? Harley said I did a sensational job and he still gets chills watching this, because I absolutely lost my mind in this movie. I just went insane. She was supposed to go insane, so I thought why not play myself for once? The movie has gotten a theatrical release, did you know that?

That’s awesome.

It’s limited I think but it did get a theatrical release. I’m very excited about that and is supposed to have a huge thing at the Chinese Theater. Nation’s Fire is coming out, I think in January. 

What is your role in Nation’s Fire?

When tragedy strikes a single mother is forced to seek the help of a former bikers club. I play her mother who is an unhinged alcoholic which was great. Bruce Dern said to me after we were filming in front of the entire cast, he said “Laurene I’ve worked with the best of the best, and there is only one actress that I’ve worked with in my life that was better than you, and that would be my daughter.” I couldn’t believe he said that. I thought he was high or something, but he wasn’t. 

That is such an honor. But I heard that are a great actor.

Thank you. 

What is your favorite role that you’ve ever played? 

In my life….probably Hundra because I got to do my own stunts in the movie. It was about women empowerment at the time. It was way ahead of its time. They wound up making a series inspired by my character Hundra called Xena: Warrior Princess. It was a Universal series, and Universal had wanted to buy the film originally. The other one I guess would be Nation’s Fire, written and directed by Thomas J. Churchill. 

What was it like working with Bruce Dern, was he creepy or fun or normal? Because of the roles he plays I always think of him as creepy.

Everyone does, but no. He was very down to earth and very respite. Bruce Dern was a sweetheart. As I said I was an unhinged alcoholic younger wife of his in flashbacks. My current husband in the movie was Tom Proctor, have you heard of him?

Tom Proctor is actually a friend.

He’s a nice guy and has a great look. He played some music for me because we had lunch a couple of times and he wanted me in a movie of his that’s coming up. He gave me one of his CDs and I had no idea he could sing. He’s a very sexy guy, and he pays attention. He engages you, not like a lot of other people in this town who talk to you while looking past you to see who else is coming. The guy has a really good heart. I was in a movie of his where I played a crazy psycho bar tender. It was a long time ago and I never got paid for it. It wasn’t his fault though because the producer friend of his kind of disappeared. But I had a great time working on the movie. I don’t even know what it was about. He’s a good director…I didn’t even know he was a director. 

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 09: Actress Laurene Landon arrives for the Premiere Of CineRidge Entertainment’s “Samurai Cop 2” held at Laemmle NoHo 7 on October 9, 2015 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

I didn’t know you were really a stand-up comedian.

I’m not, I’m just a lunatic. Any day that I’m not behind bars or on a barstool is a good day for me. I always wanted to do stand up, but I could never face the audience, I would have to do my routine facing the curtain. I don’t know how those people do it. I have more respect for comedians than actors, because you have to get up there when you are naked…..

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