Hideo Kojima Talks About Possible Death Stranding Sequel


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Death Stranding on PS4 is one of the best games of 2019. Further, it’s one of the most unique games you’ll ever play. That said, it has been divisive, both among critics and gamers. Further, it’s not the type of experience that’s going to post huge sales numbers. However, I’m sure many would be open to the possibility of a sequel. Personally, I don’t think the game needs one or should get one, but if Kojima’s name is on it I’d at least be willing to give a shot.

Chances are we won’t get a sequel to Death Stranding, however, if we did, it would probably be a lot different. Speaking to Vulture, Kojima said if he were ever to create a sequel he “would start from zero,” which is somewhat vague, but seems to suggest that it would be a different type of experience. Further, in this hypothetical, Kojima would want to once again work with Norman Reedus, who Kojima says has become a good friend of his and is an incredible talent he wants to work with in the future.

Again, if we do ever get a sequel to Death Stranding, I don’t think it would be anytime soon. Yet again, Kojima has talked about the possibility in the past, so it’s clearly something he’s been thinking about. And I’m sure he has plenty of ideas on how to do it. That said, Kojima did recently tease that his next project may be a horror game.


Whatever Kojima does next, there’s certainly going to be a crowd that gathers around to see, and it’s warranted.

“Most big-budget games just don’t take risks these days,” reads a snippet from our review of the game. “With Death Stranding, Kojima has taken one million risks, and virtually all of them pay off. Like the box art says, it’s ‘a Hideo Kojima game,’ and there’s nothing else quite like it.

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