Foodvisor raises $4.5 million to track what you eat using AI


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French startup Foodvisor has raised a $4.5 million funding round after generating 2 million app downloads. Agrinnovation is leading the round and various business angels are also participating.

I covered Foodvisor last month, so I’m not going to describe the app once again. In a few words, the startup uses deep learning to enable image recognition to detect what you’re about to eat. It can detect the type of food and it also tries to estimate the weight of each item.

Foodvisor calculates the distance between your plate and your phone using autofocus data from the camera. It then calculates the area of each item in your plate. You can manually correct information before you log it.

With today’s funding round, the startup plans to improve the app and hire 15 more persons. The app recently launched in the U.S. and the company thinks it represents a good market opportunity.

Foodvisor Team

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