Former MARVEL CCO Joe Quesada’s New Title Confirmed


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Joe Quesada
Credit: Eugene Powers /

Joe Quesada’s new job title at Marvel Entertainment has been confirmed. As Kevin Feige steps up to assume the title of the company’s Chief Creative Officer, Quesada has segued over to become Marvel Entertainment’s Executive Vice President/Creative Director.

Quesada was Marvel’s first Chief Creative Officer, taking on the role in June 2010 after a decade as the company’s Editor-in-Chief of comics. He held both roles for several months, before passing the E-i-C torch to Axel Alonso in January 2011. As Marvel’s CCO, Quesada was a prominent member of Marvel Studios’ Creative Committie, and had creative oversight over Marvel’s various division inclusing comics, movies, TV, animation, games, and general publishing.

Quesada is scheduled to host the 2020 Disney+ interview series Storyboards, where he interviews prominent people about their work. In addition to that, he has shared on Twitter he’s working on an unspecified comic book project. He also appears regularly on the YouTube series The Drink & Draw Social Club.

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