The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 8 Review: The Hawaladar


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Questions and more questions.

On The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 8, Ilya/Frank has information Katarina wants, and whatever that information is, she’s willing to do despicable things to her former lover to get it.

The only thing we know at this point is that it’s memories.

There are many possibilities regarding those memories.

She also hasn’t forgotten about Dominick and intends to finish the job if the need arises.

Katarina is one pissed off bitch.

My only problems with her anger is that she’s emotional about it.

She’s supposed to be a stone-cold bitch, yet she gets upset (it happened on The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 7 as well) and starts crying about her perceived infractions.

Stone-cold bitches don’t do that because their emotions are kept in check.

Katarina can’t keep her emotions in check, and as I’ve said before, it’s going to be her downfall.

But the real mystery is the information she so desperately wants from Ilya — and why she’s so desperate for that information.

The only thing that comes to mind is that it’s information she can use against Red.

Maybe she knows his true identity (yes, we’re circling back to that point), and feels that if she can prove who he is, that will release her from whatever and whoever is chasing and trying to kill her.

If I remember correctly, she’s being accused of being a traitor.

So, if that’s the case, then that is what she wants to refute.

Red is determined to save Ilya, and nothing is going to stand in his way.

He was dead serious when he went into Glen’s office.

Glen knows Red is a dangerous man, but he never saw that side of Red before. 

He wasn’t fooling around.

But the great thing was that Red realized he was unfair and over-the-top with Glen, who didn’t deserve it.

It’s why Red went back and apologized to Glen. 

Red was wrong and he knew it.

But Red is desperate to find Ilya.

Whether it’s because he truly cares for the man is uncertain.

That’s part of it, but whatever information Ilya knows is information Red doesn’t want revealed, which is why he’s so desperate to find him before Katarina has her way.

It’s funny how Katarina has all this mess going on in her apartment, with all these Russian guys coming and going, and Liz hasn’t noticed anything strange.

It wasn’t until Agnes drew that picture that things started to click.

Even then, after Katarina tried to spin Agnes’ story, Liz was still not putting two and two together.

It’s similar to The Blacklist Season 1 (or was it The Blacklist Season 2) when she went to Tom’s safehouse after finding the elephant in the garbage.

It took her forever to realize that something wasn’t adding up.

It’s the same case with Katarina except that after her visit to the park, she saw the broken mirror and blood.

NOW she knows something’s up.

Yet, what’s mind-boggling is that the broken mirror and blood was still there after how many days?

She lives in a nice area, cleaning park bathrooms should be a regular thing, so how could nobody have seen the broken mirror and blood before?

Even if there wasn’t regular maintenance, somebody would have gone into the bathroom and noticed that because as far as I could see, the blood was pretty noticeable.

Many people would blow it off, but not everyone — and especially not the overbearing mothers of today. 

It wouldn’t go unnoticed.

But let’s forget about that and speculate on how long it will take her to realize that her next-door neighbor might be Katarina.

Based on the previews, it doesn’t seem that it’s going to take her that long.

What I can’t move past is how she’s connecting the dots, and why she would possibly, after all this, finally come to the conclusion that the woman is Katarina.

She didn’t question a strange woman moving in next door virtually right after the whole Dom shootout incident, but now she’s suspicious because of a picture her daughter drew?

I’m guessing here. It could be that she still won’t put two and two together.

But if she does, and tells Red, how will Katarina move her operation to another location before Red comes knocking?

The case itself this week was centered around information and obtaining information.

Red duped the Task Force again which wasn’t a surprise to anyone but Park.

And Park got to show off her skills as a badass.

She’s trying too hard.

Did anyone else notice Ressler’s admiring look after she took that guy down?

Please don’t let there be a love triangle between her, Aram.and Ressler.

If there has to be a romance, then let Ressler and Liz get it on.

Things were heating up between those two on The Blacklist Season 6, but then was abruptly dropped as it sometimes happens on this show.

There wasn’t a point to any of the rest of them being in the story because it was completely about Red and Katarina and their game.

I made a mistake when I said The Blacklist was going on winter break after this episode. 

It’ll be back on December 7 and then it’s going on hiatus.

Good thing too, because this hour would’ve been a horrible fall finale. 

It’s not that it was a bad episode, but there wasn’t a cliffhanger to make us want to count down the days until its return.

Over to you?

What information is Katarina seeking?

Is she too emotional?

How will Liz make the connection that her neighbor is Katarina?

How will Katarina move her operation before Red finds out?

Has your opinion about Park changed?

What do you want to see happen on the fall finale?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

If you need to catch up, you can watch The Blacklist online right here via TV Fanatic.

Lisa Babick is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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