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Earlier this month I talked about the singular most expensive Marvel purchase I’ve ever made: the massive Sideshow Juggernaut Maquette. But for those who aren’t loco like me and willing to drop 1.3 grand on a statue, there’s a Juggs for you too: the Diamond Select Marvel Premier Collection Juggernaut Statue is now up for order for just over 200 bucks shipped! But that’s not all—this month’s solicits have also brought us a Marvel Gallery Weapon X, Skottie Young Elektra, GOTG Minimates—and even a 1:2 bust of The Mandalorian!

Diamond Select Toys Weapon X Juggernaut Elektra Statues

The DST solicitations are a high point of my collecting life (which is to say, “my entire life”) pretty much each and every month—and this month is no exception! While we get to see a few items this month that debuted at NYCC 2019 in October getting their rightful pre-order slots, we also get our first look at several never-before-seen items.

But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that—the same month many collectors are either receiving their $1300 Juggernaut 1:4 statues from Sideshow or bemoaning that they don’t have the funds to do so—Diamond Select Toys is launching their own Juggs!

Marvel Premier Collection Juggernaut Statue Official Photo

At about 11” tall, I think this particular resin Juggernaut will probably scale better with the PVC statues from the Marvel Gallery lineup than with other Premier Collection statues. Don’t get me wrong—this is definitely a thick, bulky Juggernaut—but I just don’t think he’s large enough to “feel” right with the close-to 1:6 scale statues in the rest of the Premier Collection lineup.

I’m actually a little bit surprised and disappointed to see the 250 bucks MSRP on this Juggernaut statue (even if EE does have him marked down to $205 and free shipping), as up until now Diamond Select Toys has managed to keep the price-point of every single Marvel Premier Collection statue they’ve ever solicited to under 200 bucks. While this Cain Marko likely uses a lot of materials due to the bulk, he’d look a lot better to me if he was 50 bucks cheaper.

Marvel Animated Elektra Statue Skottie Young Marvel Babies

But speaking of “cheaper”—! That brings us to the remaining three new Marvel products Diamond Select Toys solicited this month—all of which priced at under 50 bucks.

First is the resin Marvel Animated Elektra statue based off of the Skottie Young Elektra design. This was at NYCC last month, and while I didn’t fall in love with it there, I will snap it up for 35 bucks with its super-low 1,200 edition side. The Marvel Babies Statue line has proven legs, and at this point I have no worries about Elektra not selling through quickly and easily.

Marvel Gallery Weapon X Wolverine PVC Figure Statue

For the Marvel Gallery PVC fans, a never-before-seen Gallery Weapon X statue is on the way! The paint and detail on this piece look fantastic, and I think this may end up being one of the best PVCs DST has released in the series if the factories can keep the level of detail of the prototype for the production version.

Weapon X Wolverine is generally not an iteration of Logan that I’m ga-ga for, so I skipped out on the recent $300 Kotobukiya Weapon X resin. For about one-sixth of that…? This PVC may be the only Weapon X statue my collection needs.

Marvel Minimates Series 79 Figures Guardians of the Galaxy Moondragon

Marvel Minimates fans get some excitement as well in the new round of solicits, as Wave 79 will arrive in April and feature a modern Guardians of the Galaxy-related characters spotlight!

Rocket and Groot are sitting this wave out, but instead we’ll be getting a trio of two-packs consisting of:

  • Star-Lord & Adam Warlock
  • Gamora & Darkhawk
  • Angela & Cosmic Ghost Rider
  • Build-A-Figure: Moondragon

Yes, that’s right! MOONDRAGON is actually getting an action figure (of a sort) at long last (though you’ll have to buy the whole series to get the parts to build her)! Will any of us live to see the day a Hasbro Marvel Legends Moondragon figure comes out…?

Diamond Select Toys The Mandalorian Bust Legends in 3D

Finally—and this obviously has got a limited connection to Marvel—a half-scale resin Legends in 3D Mandalorian bust is also now up for PO! I’m including this here because Marvel publishes Star Wars comics, it’s only a matter of time until there are The Mandalorian comics, and I am presently hyped about this Disney+ show. Forgive me!

Limited to 1000 pieces and having a nice aesthetic and authentic look, I think this is going to be one of the Diamond Select busts that sells out at light-speed and see a value inflation on the aftermarket (like Venom). I think DST may legit be shooting themselves in the foot with the low edition size on this one.

DST Juggernaut Marvel Premier Collection Figure Statue Resin 2020

What do you think about the newest assortment of upcoming products from Diamond Select Toys, Marvel (and I guess maybe Mandalorian) collectors? Anything from this batch catching your eye as a potential purchase when it arrives in spring 2020?

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