DEADLY PREMONITION team shocks once more for one fan in particular…


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Back in September 2019, Nintendo Direct viewers were surprised with the announcement of Deadly Premonition Origins on the Nintendo Switch console. Available for purchase that very moment of announcement, Origins served as a port of the 2010 title developed by Access Games with famed director Hidetaka Suehiro, commonly known as SWERY; it was an extremely strange, dark little game, often compared to Twin Peaks, mostly for featuring an eccentric FBI agent protagonist investigating the murder of a young woman (which becomes a string of ritualistic murders).

The game, and more specifically its story, earned its fair share of critical acclaim and fanfare, but no praise or adoration was perhaps so relentless as that from video game pundit Jim Sterling. Sterling had apparently tweeted for a good few times about wanting a port of Deadly Premonition for Nintendo Switch, going so far as to playfully demand it… not 24 hours before his wish was granted, plus more. Deadly Premonition 2 was announced as well and is set to release next year. The exact date is still unknown.

But this wasn’t the end to Sterling’s delight. As of yesterday, the self-described satirist revealed to followers on Twitter and Instagram that the developers (though this was not specified) actually sent him a personal surprise.

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Whatever the case, Sterling received a collectors edition of the game port. One of 10, according to his Instagram, this edition of the physical Deadly Premonition Origins features a unique cover image depicting Jim Sterling himself in front of the standard cover artwork, those signature ominous red trees.

“Yes, it’s real,” he clarified on Instagram. “The original Deadly Premonition [cover] artist worked on it and I’m utterly stunned… they sent one to me without telling me they’d done it. My jaw hit the floor when I saw it.”

While 10 units seems rather meager, one has to take into account the fact that the original artist was employed to create this special cover, that then had to be specially printed separately from the physical copies of Origins, and have a single unit shipped to one man in Mississippi. It’s no wonder Sterling was so awestruck and ecstatic. It’s an individual story where a game developer decided to create a personal commendation for a very vocal, very lucky fan.

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