Book Review: “From The Projects to Profiles: A Memoir” by TV Host Mickey Burns

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A refreshing and prolifically penned, manuscript, “From The Projects to Profiles: A Memoir”,  from veteran television host Mickey Burns has recently been released via publisher New Haven Publishing. The book reveals many behind the scenes interactions by the nearly 500 guests Burns has interviewed on his 20 year celebrity, one on one talk show, “Profiles.” 

Burns has had conversations with the most illuminating stars including Smokey Robinson, Eli Wallach, Joan Rivers, Joan Collins, LaToya Jackson, Adam Ant, Dick Cavett, Tony Orlando, George Foreman, Taylor Dayne, and many, many others. His backstage stories are filled with entertaining humor, and in some cases heartfelt tales. Approaching nearly 500 episodes he has a lot to share. His show “Profiles” serves an audience of over 20 million people and keeps gaining in popularity. The show varies from other talk shows in that the entire focus of an episode is concentrated on one celebrity at a time as opposed to a variety on the same show. 

Aside from his celebrity experiences, the memoir also serves as an inspirational document proving that it doesn’t matter where you come from it is possible to fulfill your dreams. Burns outlines catch up his youth in the Staten Island projects and how he was able to escape the stigma of poverty and lack of education. He tells of his experiences in excelling in sports and earning a scholarship to University. He goes on to explain how hard work and relentless endeavors helped him shape a life he never expected to have as a child. 

The book is written with integrity and holds the readers attention throughout. It’s light-hearted, entertaining and interesting. Everyone is fascinated by the lives of celebrities and Burns shares conversation one would not normally hear. I’d go as far as to say the stories have a lot of color and heart and is an easy read….

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