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UPDATE 11/10/2019: Those who were patient an extra five months have been rewared: the EXCLUSIVE X-Men Marvel Legends Family Matters 3-Pack with Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch is the Deal of the Day today! At $39.99 shipped for this trio, I would say that this set is an absolute steal! Those of you who already have this set–can you recommend it to your fellow collectors at the discounted sale price? And you can check out the full list of today-only sales right here!

UPDATE 2/24/2019: I was in a bit of a rush to post the news regarding the announcement of the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Family Matters X-Men 3-Pack going up for order last weekend, as the set literally ended up being posted for sale on Amazon during the 4-hour Hasbro Toy Fair 2019 Media event. But now that the dust has had a chance to settle from NYTF, it’s time for me to circle back for a make-good look with in-person impressions and hi-res photos of the new Magneto, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver figures…

Marvel Legends Toy Fair 2019 X-Men Family Matters 3-PackAs soon as Amazon posted their exclusive X-Men Legends three-pack before Hasbro even had the opportunity to announce the set during Toy Fair, I was not-so-secretly hoping that the trio of new figures would be on display in the Hasbro showroom so I could get a first-hand view of how they look aside from the fancy official photos on Amazon’s website.

In the past, Hasbro hasn’t displayed some of their ML store exclusives at their Toy Fair events, but luckily, the X-Men Family Matters display was there for me to photograph and check out in-person!

2019 Toy Fair Marvel Legends Quicksilver Figure

The figure from the set that probably looks the worst in my photos is Quicksilver, but I swear he’s not really as bad as he may appear. The manner in which Hasbro posed Pietro at the show combined with a bit of camera distortion makes his head look oversized for his body, but in person he didn’t seem badly proportioned at all. Blame it on a trick of the camera.

New York Toy Fair 2019 Marvel Legends Quicksilver Action FigureHasbro hadn’t even begun to hit their stride yet when they released their last 6″ Quicksilver over a decade ago in the Blob Series, and I think this is an obvious upgrade over that figure. I also appreciate that this time out we’re getting the darker blue “underoos” painted on the costume, whereas the previous blue Quicksilver action figure was fully light blue.

2019 Toy Fair Amazon Exclusive Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends Figure

My favorite figure from the Amazon exclusive three-pack is definitely the new Scarlet Witch figure. I wouldn’t necessarily call this an “upgrade” to Wanda, but it is a “different” look for her. I hated the high heels on the previous Scarlet Witch action figure that made her near-impossible to dynamically pose without support, so I really appreciate the regular boots on this iteration.

Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch 3-Pack Version 2019 HasbroThe most obvious difference between this Wanda Maximoff and the previous one Hasbro put out is definitely the portrait, though. Some fans like the simplicity of the Avengers Legends version, but I’m loving the style and beauty of this new head. Gorgeousness!

2019 Toy Fair Marvel Legends Magneto 6" Figure

Finally, we’ve got the first non-exclusive red-costumed Magneto 6″ figure that Hasbro has put out since, well… ever! The Toys R Us exclusive Jubilee Series included a classic Magneto figure several years back, but that figure was shortpacked and ended up costing mucho dollars on the aftermarket, so a new release will be welcomed by many collectors.

2019 Toy Fair Hasbro Marvel Legends Magneto Close-Up

I wouldn’t say that this figure is a mandatory upgrade for anyone with the Jubilee Series Magneto, but I do think that this Magnus is looking pretty sweet. Though I’ve long since grown tired of the “cosmic energy” effects pieces, they look pretty sweet with classic Magneto. The unmasked head that came with the Apocalypse Series Marvel NOW Magneto last year is going to also look awesome on this body.

Marvel Legends 2019 Magneto Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Pack

Overall, I think this Family Matters Marvel Legends pack is a solid offering that gives us excellent versions of three iconic characters. While longtime collectors may balk at these as “retreads”, I think many fans lacking these characters are going to love this exclusive. Well-worth the $59.99 MSRP, and I’m looking forward to my own arriving a few months from now. Nice work, Hasbro!

Marvel Legends Magneto Scarlet Witch Quicksilver 3-PackORIGINAL 2/16/2019: Plot twist!! Though I’m sitting in the Hasbro Toy Fair Media Presentation right now, my phone has been lighting up with alerts unexpectedly for a brand new, totally unannounced exclusive item that’s appeared before Hasbro could even reveal it themselves: the Marvel Legends Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch 3-Pack is now up for order online! 

This set is being dubbed the “Family Matters” 3-Pack, which I suppose is as good a name for it as any. I thought the previous Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Hasbro did was pretty fantastic, but the ultra-detailed head sculpt on this new Wanda is an amazing upgrade!

More details to follow after the Hasbro Toy Fair event, and I’ll also post in-person photos of all three figures if they’re on-hand in the show room.

The Exclusive 3-Pack is now available to order on Amazon, and is priced at $59.99. Since this is an X-Men product, I think there’s a fair chance that this will sell out during pre-orders.
Based off these first official photos, what do you think, ML collectors? Are these the 6” Quicksilver, Magneto and Scarlet Witch Figures you’ve been waiting for?

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