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Just when many collectors had written off the possibility of any new Diamond Select Toys 7″ figures from the latest Spider-Man movie as “not happening”, one such figure quietly and accidentally slipped out into a few Disney Stores last week. And now it’s officialthe Disney Exclusive Far From Home Spider-Man figure is up for order online! If you’ve ever dreamed of buying a Spidey action figure that came with a Union Jack flag, this is your time! And as it so happens, it’s also the last day to take 25% off on the Shop Disney website using code “DISNEYPAL”–don’t miss it!

Marvel Select Far From Home Spider-Man Packaged

Diamond Select Toys plays things extremely close to the vest when it comes to upcoming exclusives for Shop Disney and the Disney Store, so even though the Spider-Man Far From Home movie hit theaters over four months ago, nobody knew that DST was secretly planning a new Spidey as one of their patented exclusives.

But try as they might to keep things under wraps, a couple Disney Stores spoiled the surprise last week when they accidentally placed the Marvel Select Exclusive FFH Spider-Man action figure on the shelves, where it was quickly snapped up by collectors and then posted all over social media!

So yeah, it’s a new movie Spider-Man Select figure. But is it any good and just how different is it from the Homecoming Spidey released a few years back…?

Back of Disney Store Marvel Select Spider-Man Far From Home Exclusive Figure

Well, while many collectors might call this a “repaint” at a glance, upon closer inspection you can see ample new tooling on this Far From Home Spidey. The hip design is obviously different from the Homecoming Spider-Man that came out two years ago that I reviewed (pictured below), and you can see sculpting texture on the black portions on the back of the figure. He might be similar to a previous release, but this is definitely not a repaint.

Marvel Select Homecoming Spider-Man ReviewOf course, the thing that will sell (or not sell) this figure to most collectors is the starkest difference from the Homecoming version–the red and black costume. While Hasbro released a 6″ Marvel Legends version of this costume in the summer, I frankly thought that figure looked cheap and awful–wonderfully articulated, but one of the worst-looking Legends of the year.

Exclusive Marvel Select Far From Home Spider-Man Action FigureIn contrast, this FFH Spider-Man Select figure is a stunner visually, but won’t be as well-articulated as Hasbro’s. I don’t buy a Diamond Select Toys counterpart for most of my movie figures, but in this instance the aesthetic is so much better than I knew I needed to grab this Spider-Man for my collection. Your preference may vary.

Disney Store Far From Home Spider-Man Interchangeable Hands

Accessory-wise, this figure is a little bit light, as it contains only eight interchangeable hands and the Union Jack. That said, the hands are all good ones (fists, open palms, grasping and web-shooting), and the fabric UK flag with stand is pure awesome. I wouldn’t have minded a few more extras, but I do like what we get here.

Disney Store Exclusive FFH Spider-Man with UK Union Jack Flag

The Marvel Select Exclusive Far From Home Spider-Man figure is in-stock online and shipping now, and is priced at $24.99 normally. That’s a solid price since the overall MSRP of the line has increased to $29.99 this year–and it’s doubly good since ShopDisney decided to launch this figure on the final day of the Friends & Family sale where you can slash 25% off with code “DISNEYPAL”. If you want this, might as well snag it while it’s brand new and discounted, right…?

Any DST fans out there excited for this (sort of) surprise new release? How do you think this compares to the previous MCU Spider-Man Select figures, and will you be picking up one of these for your own collection?

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