Transformers Trading Card Game Celebrates 1st Birthday with Special ENERGON EDITION

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It’s been 1 year since the launch of the TRANSFORMERS TRADING CARD GAME and to celebrate the game’s success, Wizards of the Coast released a trailer and details for a brand new collection – the ENERGON EDITION. The ENERGON EDITION is a limited time, special bundle featuring the game’s most prized character cards and other goodies housed in a beautiful, foil Energon Cube box. A must-have for any collector and TRANSFORMERS super fan!

Each ENERGON EDITION comes packed with:

  • of the game’s most prized character cards, printed on heavy, semi-transparent plastic with exclusive, brand-new art by fan-favorite artists:

    • OPTIMUS PRIME, Battlefield Legend by Marcelo Matere
    • MEGATRON, Living Weapon by Marcelo Matere
    • CLIFFJUMPER, Renegade Warrior by Dan Khana
    • SLIPSTREAM, Strategic Seeker by Dan Khana
    • BUMBLEBEE, Legendary Warrior by Ken Christiansen
    • NEMESIS PRIME, Dark Clone by Ken Christiansen
  • 3 copies of a Battle Card tied to each of the 6 characters (Total of 18), printed on foil for the very first time!

    • Agility of BUMBLEBEE
    • Bombing Run
    • Cargo Trailer
    • Fusion Cannon of MEGATRON
    •  Ion Blaster of OPTIMUS PRIME
    • Start Your Engines
  • 18 Energon Dice
  • 30 Wave 1 Booster Packs, contained in two storage boxes

The ENERGON EDITION is the most deluxe expression of the TRANSFOMERS TRADING CARD GAME ever and will be available directly from Wizards of the Coast beginning on Cybtertron Monday, December 2nd, at 12:00PM PST. This set is priced at $199.99.

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