Frozen 2 Star Addresses Possibility of Frozen 3


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A return to Arendelle awaits as Frozen 2 is very close to a theatrical debut. Elsa, Anna, Olaf and all their friends are back for more, but will there be more adventures to follow? Alfred Molina is in the fold for Frozen 2 as the girls’ father King Agnarr. He talked to Variety recently about the prospect of a third installment. Now, the actor didn’t sound too convinced of a third installment, but stranger things have happened. Molina said, “I don’t think there’ll be a three, but that’s what I’ve heard. Who knows? Those kinds of decisions are way above my pay grade.” Fair enough, but if this film is the same sort of smash hit the first movie was, it would be hard to see the company resist the pull of another adventure in Arendelle. Still, those questions will have to wait until audiences see this effort and get the songs stuck in everyone’s heads again.

The long delay between these films actually surprised a lot of fans. As it turns out, the creative team didn’t really have a clear sense for what Frozen 2 should be about. There were obviously some easy answers there for the taking, but they would’ve likely resulted in a lesser film. Frozen franchise star Kristen Bell explained to Collider that co-director and Disney Animation head Jennifer Lee wanted to be sure Frozen 2 would have the same impact and carry the same weight as its predecessor. Lee was determined not to more forward with anything less.

“The reason they didn’t green light it so quickly is because nobody knew what it was gonna be,” Bell said about the Frozen sequel.


“Nobody wanted it to be Episode 2 of Frozen, where Anna lost her shoes. No. It was about, what are the emotional undercurrents where we can show growth and character development in these people? What are we saying? It’s not just about providing a problem and have an end of a second act, and then a third act. It’s a beautiful story, and I think it says something pretty powerful. I’m glad that they took the time that they did because I think it’s really good. And it’s definitely a different Frozen. It’s a more developed Frozen.”

“Yeah, they took so much time with it, for a reason,” she mentioned. “It went through so many filters, and Jen [Lee] kept going back to the drawing board, until she got it exactly right. To even find the story, she journaled, as the characters, for months. She would open a journal and be like, ‘What’s Anna doing today?,’ just to find where she’s stunted, where does she need to grow, and what’s important. It was pretty impressive.”

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