’11/22/63′: Stephen King Finds the Best Ending to His Greatest Love Story [The Losers’ Club Podcast]


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“You’ll have to hide better than that.”

We’ve all got that one bad ex in our past. At first they seemed like a dream come true – an angel sent straight from heaven to be our perfect match. They were attractive, spontaneous, generous, kind … We spent most of our time indulging in months-long bone-a-thons and we just figured the future would take care of itself! And then we met the inlaws. Fortunately, no matter how stressful these “meet the parents” occasions may have been, they probably don’t hold a candle to what Grace (Samara Weaving) endures in Ready or Not. This gorgeous bride has just married the man of her dreams at a lavish estate wearing god’s gift to wedding dresses only to find out that she’s unwittingly entered into a bizarre gaming ritual that might end up costing her life.

This 2019 film from Radio Silence is not only a star-making vehicle for Weaving, it’s also a brutal evisceration of capitalism and the birthplace of one of the greatest memes of all time. After all, who among us can’t relate to a gorgeous woman lighting up on the steps of a burning mansion in her blood-soaked wedding dress? The Lady Killers certainly can. Hosts Jenn AdamsSammie KuykendallMae Shults, and Rocco T. Thompson draw their cards and pass out the medieval murder weapons to talk about beloved board games, fancy maids, deals with the devil and “fuckin’ rich people” in a desperate attempt to survive until sunrise.

Does Grace belong with this evil clan or has she been sent by a mysterious force to destroy them? Could Emily’s incompetence be a symptom of her privilege or is she just the family fuck-up? Is Adam Brody the hottest heir to a gaming dynasty we’ve ever seen? Just how many goats do the Le Domases go through in a year and is it possible to root against Andie MacDowell? The Lady Killers will search high and low for answers to these questions and more as they put on their fanciest wedding attire and try not to explode.

Ready or not, here we come!

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