Valve Updates ‘Half-Life’ on 25th Anniversary, Grab It for Free for a Limited Time [Video]


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Just in time for Thanksgiving (in case you’ve been avoiding leaks), NetherRealm has released a brand-new Seasonal Fatalities pack for Mortal Kombat 1 that includes the previously-released Halloween Fatality, along with the new Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas Fatalities. You can buy it now from the in-game store, and if you previously purchased the standalone Halloween Fatality, you’ll get the other finishers for free as they release.

The bundle costs 1,200 Dragon Krystals, which is Mortal Kombat 1‘s premium currency. Dragon Krystals can only be purchased with real-world money, with the best-value option in this case being the $9.99 1,250 Dragon Krystals bundle. This comes after there was initial backlash from fans over the Halloween Fatality itself costing $9.99 by itself, to which Warner Bros. responded by announcing the two additional “free” fatalities.

For those that missed it, the Halloween Fatality sees you slam a jack-o’-lantern filled with bugs onto your opponent’s head. After the bugs have eaten your opponent’s head, your fighter kicks the pumpkin (and your opponent’s head) clean off and onto the front door of a house.

The Thanksgiving Fatality, on the other hand, is far more gruesome. Like Greta’s nightmare from A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child turned up to eleven, your opponent is placed in front of a large table spread, where your fighter will break your opponent’s jaw on the edge of a table. From there, your fighter shoves handfuls of food down your opponent’s throat, culminating in an entire turkey. Your fighter then jumps onto your opponent’s chest with both feet, causing your opponent to projectile vomit and their head to explode.

Check out the datamined version below, courtesy of @thethiny.

The Christmas Fatality is not yet available, but from the looks of things, it involves a large Candy Cane. We can only speculate as to what that entails.

Mortal Kombat 1 is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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