Are MGMT Teasing a New Album?


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Are MGMT Teasing a New Album?

The duo’s follow-up to 2018’s Little Dark Age may be around the corner


MGMT, photo by Jamie Dutcher

MGMT may be gearing up to return with new music, as Stereogum notes. The duo’s Andrew VanWyngarden posted a photo of a test pressing on the band’s subreddit yesterday, accompanied by a banana and the text “elf of soils.” Redditors speculate that it is an anagram (or bananagram) of the title of a new album, possibly Loss of Life, based on two earlier posts by VanWyngarden: one suggesting a new MGMT album is likely to come out in 2023, the other titled “Just got done cooking L.O.L.”

MGMT’s last new release was the 2020 single “As You Move Through the World.” They described the pandemic lockdown–era track as “a 7 and a half minute downtempo ambient instrumental track to listen to while we’re NOT moving through the world.” The group’s latest studio album, Little Dark Age, came out in February 2018, and they released 11•11•11, a recording of a 2011 concert, last year. 

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