Psychological Horror Game ‘The Lies We Tell Ourselves’ Looks Inward For Real Scares


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We’re always up for some psychological horror in our gaming, though a lot of games seemingly threaten to run together with no real outstanding aspect to differentiate them from one another. That doesn’t appear to be the case with Poopsy’s The Lies We Tell Ourselves, which takes a more unconventional route of looking at something that hits all too close to home for many.

The story revolves around Vincent Arno, a 20-something man who still conveniently lives with his parents. No expenses, no responsibilities, and what’s probably most disturbing, no ambition to leave and make a life of his own. Instead of striking out on his own, Vincent lives day by day, coasting by while doing the bare minimum, spending all of his earnings on meaningless things. Worse still, Vincent blames his lack of accomplishments on everyone and everything but himself, but deep down, he just doesn’t really care anymore.

Things all change on the day of his 27th birthday. Vincent finds himself trapped in a mysterious room, with an unknown figure offering Vincent a choice: take matters into his own hands or simply keep on rotting out, until death.

Rather than going for outright shocking visuals, The Lies We Tell Ourselves focuses on storytelling, atmosphere and puzzles. Combining this with some surreal imagery, the game is not as horror-focused as some, but the message is far more terrifying when you think about it.

Right now, the game is aiming for a Q4 2023 release on Steam, but in the meantime, you can also check out the demo.

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