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Over the last two weeks, McFarlane Toys has released some teasers for some upcoming Spawn figures. Just last week McFarlane Toys they teased a Sam and Twitch two-pack and this week they teased King Spider & Omega Spawn. I must admit I am not that familiar with Spawn but I do know some of the characters and I’m a big fan of the HBO Spawn Animated series which was excellent.

The King Spider figure looks excellent and I really like the unique design. Omega Spawn looks amazing as well and I really like that he’s a megafig. I can’t fault the sculpt on either of these figures. These two figures are meant to be in the same wave as Nightmare Spawn & Plaque Spawn that were revealed earlier this summer.

Then there’s the Sam & Twitch two-pack which again is just a tease. I know that they made these characters in their older toy lines and these are their first figures in the latest Spawn line which McFarlane Toys bought back a few years ago. I like the designs of these two characters and there’s not much difference in the designs since their debut. Hopefully now with these teases these figure will be up for pre-order soon.

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