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We’ve covered the fan-made Enhanced Edition of Silent Hill 2 several times in the past, with the last time being the developers were in the process of working on a new update. Well, that update is now live, complete with a lengthy video detailing just what the update holds for fans.

For starters, Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition now has an installer for easy updating, as well as a launcher for tweaking the presentation. No more fiddling around with having to download the multiple packs that are part of the Enhanced Edition, or having to modify the ini files to get the game running to your liking.

In addition to the quality of life improvements, the update also includes a new custom audio engine that fixes a longstanding bug for the PC version of Silent Hill 2, where playing on a PC with a multicore processor would cause the audio to skip, stop playing, and even crash the game. This bug had been in the PC version since its launch way back in 2002, and has now been squashed. In addition, the custom audio engine fixes any audio stuttering, including the noticeable pause that would happen when in-game cutscene audio would load.

Speaking of the cutscenes, the devs have done another clean-up job with the AI-upscaled cutscenes, removing more artefacts while avoiding the smeary look that some upscales produce. It’s not going to be razor sharp, but it certainly looks better than what the PlayStation 2 offered all those years ago.

The rest of the update includes various smaller fixes and tweaks, which are all detailed in the video below. In order to play this mod, you’ll need either the North American or European (Director’s Cut) of Silent Hill 2. Hit up the Enhanced Edition’s official site to get in on the mod.

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