Dark Souls 3 Beaten With One Button Using Morse Code


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Twitch streamer Rudeism recently beat Dark Souls 3  with just one button, having used Morse code to specify and initiate each of the game’s inputs. Beating Dark Souls 3 is a feat by its very nature, seeing as the Dark Souls series and other games in the Soulsborne” genre are popular in part due to their difficult – and oftentimes frustrating - gameplay.

Rudeism is known for his unique custom controller setups displayed during his gaming streams. Beyond this, though, Rudeism is creative when it comes to making his gaming experience unique – from finishing the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time with an actual ocarina to somehow playing Fall Guys using jelly beans. One of his most recent custom and  food-related controller setups is his pomegranate controller, which he used to play Hades. The controller utilized wires attached to slices of pomegranate, Rudeism’s arm, and a circuit board to make the makeshift device work.

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Rudeism recently tweeted the moments before finally beating Dark Souls 3 using his single-button controller setup. As previously mentioned, Rudeism beat the game – which is known for its immense difficulty curve – with just a single button by assigning Morse code patterns to specific controller inputs. Roll is assigned to a single dot, a dash is for attacks, two dots to move forward, two dashes to step back, and so on. Rudeism’s inputs were not only logged on the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, but he also had a separate camera view displaying the single button at his disposal.

According to the log, as well as his tweet, it took 258,250 button presses to get through the base game’s 19 bosses. Even so, Rudeism still plans to play through Dark Souls 3’s DLC. To close his clip, Rudesim explained how the exercise can serve as an example to advocate for greater accessibility in games, saying, “Difficulty options are accessibility options,” and that each game should have them – including Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 is already a tough game to beat when playing it normally, so seeing someone finish it with a controller as complicated and difficult as a single-button-Morse-code setup is impressive. Performing such a feat is definitely one way to gain enough attention to remind people that games should be more accessible, and that adding elements as simple as difficulty options doesn’t take away from overall gaming experiences.

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Source: Rudeism/Twitter

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