Breaking Down the ‘Scream (2022)’ Trailer [Halloweenies Podcast]


Introductions are never easy.

Striking a balance between making a good first impression but also the impression you intended to set still very much eludes me. 

“Did I talk too much?” 

“Did I talk enough?”

“Have I presented myself in a way that this person will now spend the rest of their days resentful of my existence?” 

My name is Jay Krieger, and my coping mechanism for skirting past these awkward instances has always been finding common ground amongst shared interests. An equalizer that gives both parties a foundation of somewhat equal footing. 

And at the very least, something to fall back on when an inevitable awkward lull occurs in our conversation. 

[Enter stage left] Safe Room: A Horror Gaming Podcast.  

Earlier this year, Bloody Disgusting’s own Neil Bolt and I launched our weekly horror gaming podcast Safe Room. 

Every Monday, Neil and I get together to revel in our mutual love of horror games, with the occasional guest lending their insight and expertise to the conversation. 

Whether we are discussing recent releases such as Resident Evil Village and Aliens Fireteam Elite or gaming anniversaries like Silent Hill 2, Castlevania, and Dead Rising, our goal with Safe Room is to provide enthusiastic (and ideally entertaining) banter surrounding a medium we simply cannot, and will not, shut up about.

And what better way to debut Safe Room on Bloody than with this week’s episode highlighting the recently released Alan Wake Remastered

But it isn’t JUST Neil and I chatting, as we’re joined by Bloody Disgusting contributor and gaming reporter for, Harrison Abbott, to highlight why 11 years after its release, Alan Wake remains a standout horror experience. 

You can subscribe to Safe Room on your
preferred podcast platform, as well as, following the show for updates on Twitter @saferoompod.

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