Which The 100 Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The characters of The 100 have spent so much time fighting for their lives that they don’t have the time to take personality quizzes or read horoscopes. The more practical among, like Clarke, them would probably scoff at the idea, but the dreamers and the philosophers would certainly be intrigued.

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Fans who fall into the latter camp might also be interested in discovering just how much they had in common with some of their favorite characters via the zodiac, from Bellamy to Lexa.

Updated on September 16th, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: It’s true that a post-apocalyptic setting isn’t the best place for fictional characters to learn about their zodiac signs. If they did, some of the characters that butt heads the most in The 100, like Clarke and Miller, might be surprised to find that they actually share a lot of the same personality traits. It’s those same traits that could lead fans to see that characters who might not think of themselves as alike share the same zodiac signs in The 100.

13 Aries: Bellamy And Madi

A split image depicts Bellamy and Madi in The 100

Those born under the sign of Aries are passionate leaders, which makes them great protagonists in movies. They can be impulsive and rebellious at times, and they can find a way to argue themselves out of just about any situation. Bellamy is all of that, but he is also the kind of person who tackles his problems headfirst, willing to barrel his way right into a situation instead of trying to avoid it altogether. He learns to temper his impulsive nature as time goes on in the show, but the same passion is still there as he puts his own faith in a different cause instead of Clarke’s quest for survival in the final season.

Like Bellamy, Madi is a nearly textbook Aries. That might be in large part to her being so much younger than the rest of the main characters as Aries is often seen as “the youngest” of zodiac signs. Madi jumps into situations without truly considering the consequences of her actions, which is how she ends up with Sheidheda in her head, but she still makes for a compassionate leader for her people.

12 Taurus: Abby And Indra

A split image depicts Abby and Indra on Earth in The 100

A Taurus tends to be a creature of habit, but also one with a creative mind. Stubborn and patient, they tend to want to do things their way. As a doctor, Abby is used to having a strict structure to her life. She’s also, however, the kind of person who can think outside of the box to come up with solutions to her problems, like making herself a Nightblood to prevent anyone from coming after Madi.

If there’s anyone who is a creature of habit in The 100, it’s Indra. She and Abby have very different approaches to being parents and mentors, but they both learn to take a step back and let the teenagers they helped raise live their lives. Indra resists using guns, living underground, and going to space, but she makes the changes to her life in order to protect her people. Taurus tends to also be an incredibly protective sign, after all, and both of these women are masters at protecting those close to them.

11 Gemini: Murphy

Richard Harmon as John Murphy in The 100 Season 6

Called the twins, a Gemini is someone who can change their mind on a daily basis. They tend to be real charmers, which might not be the first thing fans think of when it comes to Murphy, but his is actually one of the easiest The 100 characters’ zodiac signs to match.

Murphy is able to flip his loyalty, or at least pretend to flip his loyalty, at the drop of a hat. It’s rare for anyone to doubt the sincerity with which he does it either. Murphy finds himself able to fit in with bullies amongst the Arkadians, the Primes, and even the Grounders as he makes his journey to a full-fledged hero. He exemplifies the charm and quick wit of a Gemini best.

10 Cancer: Clarke And Miller

A split image depicts Clarke and Miller on The 100

Hard outer shells with soft middles, Cancers are best known as the crab. Clarke, who always tries to put on a tough appearance despite how much it kills her to make difficult decisions certainly falls in line. She’s also intuitive, often able to understand her enemies on a level no one else can, and practical, understanding the sacrifices that might have to be made in impossible situations. Debatably a hero and a villain, every bad choice she makes is accompanied by her justification and her guilt, even when she shoots her best friend point-blank.

Nathan Miller is a lot like Clarke, which might be why they tend to butt heads so often. Despite Miller often being in a position as a guard or a fighter, he’s a sensitive and loyal soul. He never forgets a betrayal, which is why he has such a hard time getting along with Clarke after she seemingly sells out her friends to save Madi’s life. He understands her though, which is why he can work with her.

9 Leo: Echo

A Leo can be a prickly person. If they don’t like someone or something, everyone knows it. They also, however, are incredibly generous, loyal, and protective. Some might not think that describes Echo since she lived the bulk of her life as a spy.

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Echo, however, always does what she has to do for the greater good. Before she was accepted by Bellamy and his friends, the “greater good” just happened to be keeping Azgeda Nation intact. She doesn’t betray those who have earned her trust, and she knows exactly how good she is at what she does. Echo might not be the life of the party that many astrology enthusiasts are used to seeing in Leos, but she does quietly command attention with her array of skills

8 Virgo: Monty And Jackson

A split image depicts Monty and Jackson in The 100

Virgos are planners. They like their outlines, their charts, and knowing exactly what they’re walking into. Virgos also tend to be incredibly selfless, which makes them great fits for superhero franchises like the MCU. Monty is an intellectual, someone who can hack into anything and help craft nearly foolproof plans. He also, however, makes the ultimate sacrifice for the human race, keeping everyone left of humanity alive and finding them a home while his life comes to an end.

Unlike Monty, Jackson makes it to the end of the series, and that’s mostly because he’s left out of a lot of the action. Jackson is their planner in the background, studiously learning medicine under Abby and devoting his time to patching up each and every one of his friends after missions. He’s always just a little bit worried about everyone, and he’s always there after the plans go badly to help pick up the pieces.

7 Libra: Emori And Lexa

A split image depicts Emori and Lexa in The 100

Like Geminis, Libras change their mind a lot. The difference here, however, isn’t a shifting alliance, but the tendency to want to think about all of their options. For someone like Emori, who has always lived her life in hostile environments, she’s always considering her options. She’s also got the great social skills of a Libra, able to find her place in new communities with little effort, just like when she becomes a leader amongst the corrupt Primes.

Like Emori, Lexa kom Trikru’s zodiac sign is likely Libra as well as she is a charismatic leader. Though she’s just a teenager when she comes to power, she inspires a strong sense of loyalty in those around her. Like Emori, she also tries to weigh all of her options equally. Lexa makes a lot of decisions her people don’t like, but she does it with their best interests in mind.

6 Scorpio: Octavia

Independent and intelligent, Scorpios tend to adapt well to new situations, just like Octavia in The 100. They tend to both embrace the unknown but also act quickly on their suspicions.

All of those traits can combine to make them arrogant, and even extreme in their beliefs. When Octavia took on the role of Bloodreina, she was at her most extreme version of Scorpio. Octavia took an aggressive approach to helping her people, willing to hide how she really felt about their situation, burying her fear by making her people fear her.

5 Ophiuchus: Diyoza And Hope

A split image depicts Diyoza and Hope in The 100

The unofficial thirteenth zodiac sign is a great fit for late additions to the show Diyoza and Hope. Ophiuchus shares traits with both the Scorpios and Sagittarius of the zodiac. The determination and ability to keep secrets come from Scorpio while their sense of adventure and love of learning comes from Sagittarius.

While Diyoza is an Ophiuchus who has learned from the mistakes of the past, Hope is still learning when the audience meets her. The mother and daughter are more alike than either of them would like to admit as they run headlong into danger for the people they care about and never seem to maintain as stoic of an appearance as they want.

4 Sagittarius: Jordan

The 100 Season 6 Jordan

A Sagittarius is someone with a real thirst for adventure and a love for learning new things. It makes sense that Jordan would be the character to embrace life, running headlong into new experiences. He is, after all, the one person who grew up without any peers on a spaceship.

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The downside to his optimism and zest for life is that he can be careless with the secrets of others. Jordan tends to say the first thing he thinks, which can put him in awkward situations with the group he’s been thrust into after the deaths of his parents.

3 Capricorn: Raven And Becca

A split image depicts Raven and Becca in The 100

A Capricorn, like a Virgo, is big on planning. They like orderly and methodical approaches to learning. Analytical and practical, they are good problem solvers. Capricorns, also, however, can be emotional, though they often hide their feelings until anger boils over. As such, a Capricorn like Raven isn’t just the person behind most of the success of the group, but she also knows how to hold a grudge. 

The audience doesn’t spend a lot of time with Becca; she’s actually mostly seen through Raven’s own research into the “first Commander.” Becca and Raven have a lot in common though: their skills with technology, their analytical approach to saving the day, and their desire to do as much good as possible. Their Capricorn discipline means neither of them let anything stand in their way.

2 Aquarius: Kane

An Aquarius can often be thought of as a rebel because their idealistic nature can put them at odds with others. They can also be thought of as visionaries, the kind of people who look for a better future.

Kane, despite making many bad decisions during his time on the Ark, is exactly that when it comes to survival. He tries to make peace with the new people he encounters, and he tries to find a new way for his people to go on. He tries to find a way forward that doesn’t involve violence, but he meets his end before seeing his dream come true.

1 Pisces: Gaia And Luna

A split image depicts Gaia and Luna in The 100

Dedicated and sentimental people, Pisces tend to be kind-hearted to a fault. Gaia, despite being raised as a warrior like most Grounders in Trikru, turns her back on a life of war to study the religion of her people. She lives her life in service of her beliefs, intent on finding the next Commander for her people, no matter what it might cost. Though her entire belief system is turned upside down, she still has faith in people.

Luna, on the other hand, steps away from the religious practices of the Grounders. She takes her dreams of peace and almost makes them a reality by leading Flokru off the coast. Like Gaia, she’s a dreamer, but when her dreams are shattered, she reacts violently instead of helping to pick up the pieces of her people. They represent two very different sides of the same zodiac sign.

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