Samsung’s 1TB 860 Qvo is down to just £70 for Prime Day


The 1TB model of the excellent Samsung 860 Qvo is down to a new all-time low price of just £70 today for Amazon Prime Day, saving you £25 off its usual price. It’s the cheapest it’s ever been, too, making it a great time to pick up this excellent SATA drive and give your storage banks a big old boost.

Indeed, until Samsung’s newer (but only marginally faster) 870 Qvo came along, the 860 Qvo was my top recommendation for those after a large SATA SSD in my best gaming SSD rankings, and it remains a great buy even now – especially when a 1TB 870 Qvo will still set you back £86 at the moment.

While not as fast as more modern NVMe SSDs, the 860 Qvo still puts in a great performance on the reading and writing front, and its random write speeds are actually a bit faster than Samsung’s more mainstream SSD, the 870 Evo, whose 1TB and 2TB drives are also on sale this Prime Day for £85 and £148 respectively.

As you can see, it’s also much better value than those 870 Evo drives, as the 1TB 870 Evo will cost you another £15 at the moment. The 870 Evo has slightly faster random read speeds, admittedly, which is important when it comes to cutting down game loading times, but I’m not sure you’re really going to notice a huge difference between the 860 Qvo’s speed of 35MB/s versus the 870 Evo’s 42MB/s.

Of course, if your motherboard has a spare M.2 slot and you’re looking for an equally cheap NVMe drive this Prime Day, then your next best bet is the 1TB Crucial P2, which is down to an even more bargain-tastic £68 at the moment. I called this a great alternative to the WD Blue SN550 if you can find one on the cheap when I reviewed it earlier in the year, and in the absence of a great SN550 deal this Prime Day (which is still at £84 right now), the Crucial P2 is definitely the NVMe drive to go for if you’re after a cheap 1TB drive and you’ve got a compatible motherboard.

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