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Valheim is the Minecraft-like Viking experience that players didn’t know they needed. Only in its beta phase, Valheim has taken the Steam community by storm, becoming one of the most download titles of all time. Players are experiencing in-depth survival mechanics, Nordic-mythology-inspired boss fights, and a vast open-world full of exploration and intrigue. There are plenty of weapons and armor sets for players to craft as they venture through Valheim. They’ll need to gather multiple different resources to do such.

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As players unlock new crafting recipes and resources such as the forge and artisan table, they’ll be able to increase the quality of gear they can make. Players will start the game in nothing but rags but quickly develop the skills necessary to make leather armor. They’ll work their way up the ladder until they can craft Padded Armor, Valheim’s end-game set. Along the way, players will be able to craft the Wolf Armor set as they explore Valheim’s Mountain Biome. The freezing temperatures will require warm clothing or a nice coating of mead to survive. Silver is the key ingredient in crafting the Wolf Armor set. This guide will walk players through how to find Silver in Valheim.

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Valheim – Silver Location and Grinding Strategies.

The first step in acquiring Silver in Valheim is to craft and equip Iron Armor after defeating Bonemass, Valheim’s second boss battle. Players will have to venture into the freezing Mountain Biome and won’t survive very long without the proper equipment. Not only will the Mountain Biome’s cold climate freeze players to death, but they’ll also be fending off ravenous wolves and deadly flying Drakes. Other than Iron armor and weapons, players will need an Iron Pickaxe to mine Silver Ores.

Now that they’re fully equipped, players can venture into the tundra. They should make sure to have plenty of mead on hand for the 10-minute frost resistance buff it gives. They’ll need it to survive a long period of time. Players will find Silver Veins scattered around the Moutain Biome. These veins can also be hidden underground, so players will have to use the Wishbone obtained after defeating Bonemass.  Once players have found Silver Veins, they’ll have to use their Iron Pickaxe to mine Silver Ore. Take these Silver Ores back to the smelter to convert them into Silver bars. Now that players have plenty of Silver, it’s time to put it to good use.

Valheim – Crafting the Wolf Armor set.

A Wolf stands at attention in the Mountain Biome of Valheim

Valheim’s most versatile armor set is The Wolf Armor. Now that players have copious amounts of Silver, they can begin crafting it. The full Wolf Armor set will grant players frost resistance. As fun as it may have been stumbling drunkenly around the Mountain Biome, players can only afford to buy and drink so much mead.

Other than Silver, players will need Wolf Fangs, a Wolf Trophy, and The Chain to craft the full set. Keep in mind; the Wolf Armor does not come with a helmet piece. To craft the full set, players will need:

  • Wolf Armor Chest: 20x Silver | 5x Wolf Pelt | 1x Chain
  • Wolf Armor Leggings: 20x Silver | 5x Wolf Pelts | 4x Wolf Fangs
  • Wolf Cape: 4x Silver | 6x Wolf Pelts | 1x Wolf Trophy

Upgrade The Wolf Armor’s quality to bring the legs and chest pieces’ defense rating to 26 overall. The only way players will be defeating Moder, the Mountain Biome’s boss, is with the Wolf Armor. This massive black-scaled Dragon will require all the frost resistance possible to defeat. Players won’t have time to consume Mead while evading its attacks. The Wolf Armor will keep players warm as they attempt to slay the dragon.

Other than the Wolf Armor set, Silver will also be used in crafting:

  • The Lox Cape
  • Fang Spear
  • Silver Sword
  • Silver Shield
  • Frostner
  • Silver Arrows
  • Draugr Fang

The Silver Sword puts out the highest DPS of any one-handed weapon in the game. The Silver Sword utilizes slash and spirt damage for a total of 105 base damage. Fully upgraded, the Silver Sword will put out a whopping 135 damage. Enemies that are weak to spirit damage, such as Skeletons and Draugr, will be easily vanquished with the Silver Sword. Players will need to combine Wood, Silver, Leather Scraps, and Iron to craft this weapon. They’ll use Silver, Iron, and Leather scraps to upgrade its quality as well.

As mentioned, the Wolf Armor set does not come with a helmet. However, players can gather the recourses necessary to craft the Drake Helmet while exploring the Mountain Biome. They’ll need:

  • 20x Silver
  • 2x Wolf Pelts
  • 2x Drake Trophies

The Drake Helmet comes with a base defensive rating of 20. Combine the Drake Helmet and Wolf Armor for a far superior set to the Iron Armor set. These two pieces should carry players through to the end-game, where they’ll be combined Linen and Iron to craft Padded Armor, which will give them the highest defense rating possible without slowing their movement speed.

Valheim is still in its beta phase, and developers are looking for player feedback to elevate the game to the next level. What’s amazing is the overwhelmingly positive feedback the game has already received. One would think that it’s 100% complete. Remember though, Fortnite sat in its ‘Beta’ phase for a while before the full game became available. The future looks bright for Valheim and developers over at Iron Gate Studios. Viking and Nordic Mythology have become a trending theme among recent games. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla put our ax-wielding friends on the map. Small studio titles such as Unto the End and Song of Iron also cater to the indie community. Players are excited to see where their Viking adventure takes them next.

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Valheim is available on PC

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