The Crossbreed (2017)


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The nightmare was about a demonic possession. A long time ago, there was an evil in a small town and it was jealous of the girl and would never let her go, since the devil loved the girl. One night, the evil raped the girl and she became pregnant. After months the girl could not hide her baby, her father figured her secret out and clapped the girl in irons and locked her room door. But the evil put the gun to her father’ temple and saved the girl. The father had a stroke and had been sleeping on the bed for three months and died. Time went on and the girl brought a child into the world. Naturally, people who were living in the village heard the story and they did not want to see neither the girl nor the baby since when the baby was born, plants dried in the field, fishes lost in the lake and people had prayed to the god for rain, but nothing changed in the village. People got so angry, dug a hole in front of the fountain, put her into the hole and threw stones at her face. The girl …

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