Super Mario Sunshine Enhanced 3D All-Stars Cutscenes Have One Drawback


The pre-rendered cutscenes in Super Mario Sunshine received a slight upscale as a part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection, but the higher quality images reveal a rather disturbing discovery. The upcoming collection is giving a similar visual update to all of the classic 3D Mario games it includes.

Super Mario Sunshine was released on the GameCube in 2002. While it was a smash hit of yesteryear, Super Mario Sunshine’s original resolution of 480i on GameCube wouldn’t cut it in 2020. When Super Mario 3D All-Stars was announced as part of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary, Nintendo also announced that each title in the collection would receive minor enhancements in the form of upgraded resolutions. After Mario All-Stars‘ files leaked online a few days before the game’s release, one data miner rediscovered a horrifying Super Mario Sunshine secret given new life by enhanced resolutions.

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A YouTuber by the name of Akfamilyhome posted the disturbing image on Twitter that was found inside the Super Mario 3D All-Stars leaks. Akfamilyhome discovered that the pre-rendered cutscenes in Super Mario Sunshine were the same cutscenes from the original game, but the files were higher quality than the originals. He also included an image from one of the cutscenes in Super Mario Sunshine which shows Princess Peach wearing earrings that use the same texture as her eyes. Essentially, Princess Peach has her own eyes dangling from her ears, and now the scene can be relived in horrifying high definition.

This specific scene appears at the very beginning of Super Mario Sunshine, right after Mario, Toadsworth, and Princess Peach exit their private plane. While Mario and Toadsworth are discussing the sorry state of the runway, the now nightmarish Princess Peach approaches the gentlemen from behind donning her second set of eyes. In the next scene, Peach seemingly snaps back to her sweet self, and the grotesque eye-rings are never to be seen again. It still remains unknown as to why Peach’s earrings reuse her eye textures in this singular scene, but now players can get a clearer look thanks to Super Mario Sunshine’s HD facelift – though they may wish they hadn’t.

There have been concerns over whether or not Nintendo will make certain changes to the games in the collection. Players thought that an infamous voice clip could have been replaced in Super Mario 64, and others were concerned as to how Super Mario Galaxy would control without a Wii Remote. However, Peach’s replacing eyeball earrings would have been one change fans probably would have preferred. Luckily, this instance of unexpected body horror only appears once in Super Mario Sunshine and then never again.

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Sources: Akfamilyhome

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