“The Augmented Man: What Do You Do When The Ultimate Weapon Fallis In Love?” Now Available in Audiobook Format


What do you do with a deadly weapon when it’s no longer needed?

Nicholas Trailer is the last of the augmented men – beings created first by society and completed by a political group the public can’t even imagine exists. Captain James Donaldson takes severely abused and traumatized children and modifies them into monsters capable of the most horrifying deeds without feeling any remorse or regret.

But the horrors of war never stay on the battlefield. They always come home.

Battling what society and science has made him, Nick Trailer discovers he is loved. From the horrors of childhood to the horrors of a war, what does it take for someone to find true love and peace? Especially when everyone has their own agenda – from the senators who sanctioned his making to the Governor of Maine who wants to use Nick’s struggle to propel himself to the White House.

The augmented men were good at war, perhaps, a little too good. Now, they have to come home…or do they? What do you do with man-made monsters? 

Nick must decide if his friends are his friends and if his enemies are his enemies, all while protecting the woman he loves. And are you truly the last of your kind? What if you must remain a monster to defeat a monster? Will you sacrifice love to protect what you love?

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “The Augmented Man: What Do You Do When The Ultimate Weapon Falls In Love?” written by author Joseph Carrabis and narrated by Bill Hemberger. Download your copy on Audible today:


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