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Farpoint Toys and Collectibles.

5113 Harding Hwy, Mays Landing, NJ 08330, United States

Opening Hours: Wednesday 12-6pm & Sunday 12-4pm

On my recent trip to the USA I went to NJ and before my trip I researched collectible stores in the area and I found Farpoint Toys and Collectibles.

What sets Farpoint apart from the other stores that I have been to in the USA as it’s on the side of the road and not a part of a shopping complex. Which is really different from the other stores I’ve seen.

The store is very large and well laid out, with each section being clear and distinct. When you first enter the store there’s a large G.I Joe collection both modern and vintage and all for reasonable prices. Then there is a large Star Wars section right in the middle of the shop floor that covers the classic Kenner style figures to the Hasbro Clone Wars Era figures. They also had Black Series figures though they were in a different section of the store.

There was also a large Marvel Legends section covering both the Toybiz and Hasbro eras. There were boxed and unboxed figures which they gloriously had on display in a large glass case. They also had a large array of vintage and comics and some of these were rather cheap and they had some classic ones available too!

Other collectibles they sold including statues, vintage He-Man & TMNT figures along with wrestling figures, McFarlane Toys and some NECA pieces too.

The staff were very friendly and helpful and all the products were reasonably priced. The store really specializes in vintage collectibles so if your a big collector of those you’ll love it here! They also hold regular local events so if you live near the area they are worth checking out! If you find yourself visiting the area I would highly recommend Farpoint Toys & Collectibles!

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