American Horror Story: A Definitive Timeline


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Ever since Ryan Murphy revealed that all seasons of American Horror Story are connected, fans have been busy piecing together the disparate story lines into one cohesive universe. Sometimes this is quite easy, but other times it can be extremely tricky to see what your favorites from one season were up to during the events of another. Further complicating matters is the fact that Apocalypse introduced time travel, with one character traveling back in time, erasing the timeline we knew and creating a new one from that point on.

Since not everyone has the time to rewatch all the seasons to figure out how these things fit together, we put together a comprehensive timeline of the American Horror Story universe, encompassing all the most important events from Murder House, Asylum Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult, Apocalypse, and 1984.

*Note: Anything that is marked down as taking place in the “New Timeline” occurred in a year we had previously seen through the original timeline, but the events were changed by the time travel in Apocalypse.

1500s: Scathach, the first Supreme, stows away on a boat from England to America. Soon after arriving she is sentenced to be burned at the stake for being a witch, but she slaughters the white soldiers and blames the massacre on Native Americans. Governor John White sets sail for England, leaving Thomasin in charge of Roanoke. The colonists rebel and banish her to the woods to starve to death. Thomasin surrenders her soul to Scathach in order to survive. Newly empowered, Thomasin becomes the Butcher and returns to the colony where she slaughters the insurgents, but spares her son Ambrose. The Butcher leads the surviving colonists inland, and begins practicing human sacrifice (which is when she kills Priscilla). When Ambrose leads a revolt, she slaughters them all.

1692-1693: Tituba teaches black magic to the witches who enslave her. The Salem witch trials occur.

1790: Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is founded.

1792: Edward Philip Mott builds the farmhouse and is murdered by the Butcher.

1830: Madame Delphine LaLaurie returns to New Orleans and begins torturing her slaves.

1833: Delphine holds her three daughters in torture chambers for the year as punishment for planning to murder her.

1834: Delphine turns her slave Bastien into a minotaur after her daughter Pauline was caught with him. As revenge, Marie Laveau tricks Delphine into drinking an immortality potion and buries her alive.

1868: Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is turned into a school for witches.

1893: Kincaid Polk slaughters people at the Chicago World’s Fair and becomes Piggy Man.

1895: James Patrick March is born on October 30th.

19th century: Edward Mordrake escapes the Bedlam Asylum and joins a freak show. On Halloween, his second face drives him to kill the entire troupe and himself.

1904: The Countess is born.

1918: Grand Duchess Anastasia is executed despite Mallory’s attempt to save her.

1919: The girls of Miss Robichaux’s kill the Axeman the first time.

1922: Charles Montgomery builds the Murder House.

1925: Mr. March begins construction on the Hotel Cortez. Charles and Nora begin performing illegal abortions in their basement. Ms. Evers’ son Albert is kidnapped by Gordon Northcott and presumed dead. The Countess meets Valentino and Natasha.

1926: Believing Valentino has died, the Countess marries Mr. March. Mr. March begins the Ten Commandment murders. The Countess goes to Charles Montgomery for an abortion, but her son, Bartholomew, survives the procedure. A patient’s boyfriend kidnaps and dismembers Charles and Nora’s son Thaddeus. Charles sews him back together and resurrects him as the Infantata. Nora kills Charles and commits suicide.

1929: The Polks become cannibals.

Late 1920s/early 1930s: The Countess discovers Valentino is alive. Mr. March seals Valentino and Natasha in the walls of the Cortez. Mr. March continues his murder spree until Ms. Evers turns him in. When the police arrive at the Cortez, March kills Ms. Evers and then kills himself. Ethel and Dell marry. Ethel gives birth to Jimmy during a live freak show performance.

1932: Dr. Arden and a group of Nazis amputate Elsa’s leg while shooting a BDSM snuff film. Massimo Dolcefino makes Elsa a prosthesis. Massimo tracks down Dr. Arden, who was then known as Hans Gruber, but Arden captures Massimo and tortures him.

1936: Elsa leaves Germany and begins traveling to America with gypsies. Shortly afterward, Elsa adopts Pepper and begins collecting her “monsters.”

1939: Dr. Arden enlists in the war, eventually becoming an SS doctor at Auschwitz.

1941: Stanley takes in Maggie, who had been pick-pocketing on the streets.

1943: Twisty the Clown goes to Jupiter, Fla., and terribly disfigures himself while attempting suicide.

1946: Jimmy makes his debut in Elsa’s show.

1947: Dr. Curran rapes Elizabeth Short, who dies from being sedated. Charles Montgomery’s ghost dismembers Elizabeth. Massimo Dolcefino moves to America.

1948: Chester kills his wife, Lucy, and her girlfriend, Alice, for mocking his relationship with his ventriloquist dummy, Marjorie.

1949: Sister Jude hits Missy Stone in a drunk-driving accident and flees the scene, believing the child had died. The incident leads Judy to become a nun.

1952: Dell, Desiree, Bette and Dot Tattler join Fraulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Twisty goes on a murder spree, inspiring Dandy to become his protégé. Twisty is killed by Edward Mordrake. Stanley and Maggie go to Florida to obtain specimens for the American Morbidity Museum. Gloria sends Dandy to unseen psychoanalyst, Dr. Feinbloom. Jimmy is arrested for Dandy’s murders. Stanley amputates both of Jimmy’s hands without permission. Dell kills Ma Petite. Elsa kills Ethel and Dell. The freaks mutilate Stanley. Pepper’s husband Salty dies of a stroke and Pepper goes to live with her sister. Chester buys the freak show and saws Maggie in half before turning himself in. Dandy becomes the new owner and kills most of the freaks before Desiree, Jimmy, Bette and Dot drown him. Elsa moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business. Three hunters are murdered by the Butcher.

1957: Loraine Baxter kills her husband William after discovering his affair with her best friend Celia. Loraine than dies after putting her head in the oven.

1958: Elsa lands the cover of LIFE Magazine.

1960: Elsa performs on Halloween and Edward Mordrake kills her. Desiree is now married with kids. Jimmy is expecting a baby with Bette and Dot. Richard Ramirez is born on Feb. 29.

1961: The son of a stylist at Marie Laveau’s salon is murdered by three white men. Marie raises an army of corpses to murder the men in retaliation.

1962: Briarcliff Manor is purchased by the Catholic Church and converted into a mental asylum. Dr. Arden gets permission from Monsignor Timothy Howard to perform his experiments, including the creation of the Raspers. Leigh Emerson kills a bell-ringing Santa. Then, dressed in the Santa costume, Leigh kills 18 other people. Pepper is framed for the murder of her sister’s baby and is institutionalized at Briarcliff.

1963: Leigh Emerson becomes a patient at Briarcliff and is placed in solitary confinement.

1964: Kit and Alma Walker are abducted by aliens. Kit is committed to Briarcliff for the Bloody Face murders. Lana Winters is committed and her girlfriend Wendy is murdered by Bloody Face. Sister Mary Eunice becomes possessed. Anne Frank is committed to Briarcliff, but Arden lobotomizes her. Oliver Thredson helps Lana escape Briarcliff, only to hold her hostage as his new “mommy.” Sister Jude hires Nazi hunter Sam Goodman to investigate Arden, but Mary Eunice kills him. Mary Eunice, Dr. Arden and Leigh Emerson frame Sister Jude for the murder of security guard Frank McCann. Sister Jude is stripped of her position in the church and committed to Briarcliff. Monsignor Howard kills Sister Mary Eunice, whom Dr. Arden cremates along with himself.

Mid-1960s: Mr. Jingles, aka Benjamin Richter, was drafted into the Vietnam War and went to Saigon. Mr. Jingles gets injured on his first tour but goes back for a second. He begins collecting ears from his victims, stringing them into a necklace. The army gives Mr. Jingles a dishonorable discharge for the trophy collection.

1965: Grace gives birth to a son, Thomas, and becomes engaged to Kit. Lana is released from Briarcliff and writes an expose about the asylum. Lana kills Thredson. Monsignor Howard forges a death certificate for Sister Jude. Kit and Grace are released from Briarcliff. They return to Kit’s old house where they find Alma holding a second baby. Richard Ramirez is hit in the head with a swing and begins having seizures.

1966: Pepper dies.

1967: Alma kills Grace with an ax. Bebe Babbit meets Valerie Solanas, who has just written the SCUM Manifesto.

1968: Nursing students Gladys and Maria let R. Franklin into the Murder House, where they were living with several other girls. R. Franklin drowns Gladys and stabs Maria to death. Alma is committed to Briarcliff and later dies there. Valerie Solanas shoots Andy Warhol. Valerie’s followers start committing the Zodiac murders to take down the patriarchy.

1969: Lana releases her hit book, Maniac: One Woman’s Story of Survival.

1970: Chef Bertie was working at Camp Redwood. Margaret kills nine during the Camp Redwood massacre, but frames Mr. Jingles. Margaret finds Jesus. Another counselor Jonas is attacked when he flees.

Early 1970s: Constance moves to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Sister Jude is checked out of the asylum by Kit and dies. The Countess begins her reign as the “disco queen,” partying it up at clubs with a bevy of virus-infected friends. Mr. Jingles starts to believe that he is the killer after being forced to undergo electroshock therapy and drugged.

1971: Fiona kills Anna Leigh Leighton and becomes the new Supreme. Spalding cuts out his tongue to protect Fiona.

1972: Constance quits acting and gives birth to Adelaide.

1973: The Chen family is murdered by the Butcher. Valerie gets out of prison. Valerie and her followers kill the man who took credit for the Zodiac murders. Valerie’s collective begins to fall apart. On May 4, Richard Ramirez’s cousin Mike shoots his wife in Richard’s presence.

1976: Margaret supports Charles Keating throughout the Larry Flynt trial.

1977: Tate is born. Ramona Royale begins her relationship with The Countess.

1978: Troy and Bryan are killed by the Infantata.

1980: Donna Chambers discovers her father is a serial killer. Donna’s dad kills himself in front of her. Donna begins studying serial killers.

1982: Trevor films the workout tape with Jane Fonda, but his bulge is too distracting and they have to reshoot it.

1983: Hugo rapes Moira. Constance catches them in the act and kills both of them. Brooke’s fiancé Joey Kavanagh kills his best men Sam and Brooke’s father before taking his own life because he’s convinced she cheated on him. During Omega Xi’s Hell Week, Ray thinks the pledge Chan died after drunkenly falling down the stairs. Ray is going to stage it as a car accident but Chan regains consciousness right before the car veers over the edge of the cliff. Ray drops out of college.

1984: Constance, Tate and Addy move out of the Murder House. Sam and Nikki move in, but are murdered during BDSM role play. Liz Taylor meets The Countess and decides to stay at the Cortez. Liz begins sending money to her kids in Topeka, which she continues to do until they turn 18. The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, begins terrorizing Los Angeles. Donna Chambers visits Mr. Jingles and he agrees to let her study him. Donna kidnaps the real Nurse Rita and steals her identity. Police find Chan’s car. Montana meets the Night Stalker at her aerobics class and they begin their relationship. The Night Stalker attacks Brooke on Montana’s behalf, but she survives. Mr. Jingles escapes and kills the gas station attendant. Xavier, Montana, Chet, Ray, and Brooke go to Camp Redwood to work as counselors. While driving to Camp Redwood, the counselors hit the hiker Jonas with the van. Mr. Jingles kills psychologist Karen Hopple, Blake, and two of the pranksters. Jonas is killed multiple times but keeps returning. Donna drugs Brooke so she can’t escape. Ray abandons an injured Chet in the pit, but he’s rescued by Xavier and Trevor. Trevor pushes a third prankster into the spike pit thinking it was Mr. Jingles. Mr. Jingles kills Nurse Rita. Mr. Jingles kills Ray, but he returns as a ghost. Mr. Jingles attacks Chef Bertie and Xavier; they both survive but Xavier mercy-kills Bertie. Mr. Jingles kills the Night Stalker but he is resurrected by Satan. Margaret kills Trevor. Margaret kills Chet. Brooke loses her virginity to Ray’s ghost. Montana tries to kill Brooke, but Brooke kills her. Xavier kills Mr. Jingles and then Margaret kills Xavier. Mr. Jingles is resurrected after pledging his soul to Satan. Brooke is arrested for all the murders. Margaret goes free. Mr. Jingles and The Night Stalker head to Los Angeles. Montana and Xavier also return as ghosts.

1986: The Countess turns a young blonde girl who becomes an accomplice of the Ten Commandments Killer.

1988: Miranda and Bridget Jane work at an assisted living facility in Rochester, New York. Before their history of murdering patients is discovered, they move to North Carolina where they turn the farmhouse into their own facility.

1989: Police investigate the Jane sisters’ assisted living facility, only to discover Bridget and Miranda have disappeared.

1991: Hank begins hunting witches. Ramona and The Countess split. Ramona begins dating Prophet Moses, but The Countess kills him.

1992: Ramona goes to live with her sick father and mother. Her mother dies and Ramona attempts to stop her father’s alzheimer’s by infecting him with the virus. When that doesn’t work, Ramona kills him.

1993: Larry Harvey’s family moves into the Murder House. Constance begins an affair with Larry in order to move back into the house. When Lorraine finds out about the affair, she kills herself and their two daughters by setting fire to the children’s bedroom. Shortly after, Constance, Tate, Beau and Addie move back into the Murder House. Sally sews herself to two singers she writes for just prior to them overdosing. While sewn to their corpses, she’s tortured by the Addiction Demon.

1994: Larry kills Beau on behalf of Constance. Angry about this, Tate goes to Larry’s work and sets him on fire. Tate then goes on a shooting rampage at his high school. Shortly afterward, Tate is killed by a SWAT team inside the Murder House. Sally and Donovan check into the Cortez. After Donovan overdoses, Iris kills Sally and The Countess turns Donovan.

1997: Dr. Elias Cunningham moves to the North Carolina to work on his book about the Jane sisters. He films his last testament video before entering the house to discover what stopped Bridget and Miranda from completing the word “MURDER.”

2001: The 9/11 terrorist attack triggers Ally’s phobias. Ally meets Ivy.

2007: Marie hires Hank to work for her.

2008: The Countess loses all her money in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

2010: John Lowe first goes to the Cortez. Mr. March enlists the Countess to abduct Holden Lowe. Chad and Patrick buy the Murder House and the Rubber Man suit. The couple is killed on Halloween by Tate. Vivien miscarries and Ben gets caught cheating with Hayden.

2011: Marcy sells the Harmons the Murder House. Tate and Ben each impregnate Vivien. Fiona, Bianca and Dall try to recreate the R. Franklin murders with Vivien and Violet, but Tate, Gladys and Maria kill the intruders. Larry kills Hayden, who is pregnant with Ben’s child. Addy dies in a hit-and-run. Violet commits suicide. Hayden kills Travis. Billie Dean prophesizes that Viven’s baby is the Antichrist. Larry falsely confesses to Travis’ murder and is sent to prison in Illinois. Alex Lowe attempts suicide.

2012: Thredson and Lana’s son, Johnny Morgan, becomes the new Bloody Face and goes on a killing spree. He plans to kill his mother, but Lana kills him instead. Cordelia finds Queenie and brings her to Miss Robichaux’s. Vivien gives birth to a baby who dies right away (Ben’s) and a healthy baby (Tate’s), but she dies during labor. Hayden, Fiona and Dallas kill Ben and frame it as a suicide. Constance adopts Vivien’s surviving baby and names him Michael. Violet banishes Tate from her presence.

2013: Zoe kills her boyfriend while losing her virginity and is sent to Miss Robichaux’s. Madison Montgomery is gang-raped at a frat party. As retaliation, she crashes the frat’s party bus and kills Kyle. Zoe and Madison resurrect Kyle with the help of Misty Day. Fiona unearths Delphine and makes her Queenie’s personal slave. Luke Ramsey and his mother Joan move in next door to Miss Robichaux’s. Kyle bludgeons his mother to death after she tries to rape him. The witches send Bastien’s decapitated head to Marie, starting a war. Cordelia is blinded by an acid attack. Fiona kills Madison and Myrtle, but they’re both resurrected by Misty. Zoe murders Spalding. Zoe frees the Axeman, who begins an affair with Fiona. Queenie betrays the coven and gives Delphine to Marie. Hank attacks Cornrow City, but Queenie kills him before he can kill Marie.

2014: Marie and Fiona unite against the Delphi Trust and kill Nan. Queenie conspires with Papa Legba to kill Marie and Delphine. The coven kills the resurrected Axeman. Madison, Misty, Queenie and Zoe attempt Seven Wonders. Misty gets trapped in Hell and Kyle kills Madison for not reviving Zoe when she dies. Cordelia revives Zoe and becomes the new Supreme. Cordelia goes public about witches and welcomes dozens of new students. Myrtle is burned at the stake for killing Cecily and Quentin. Fiona dies in Cordelia’s arms. The Hawthorne School is burned down. Shelby and Matt move into the Shaker mansion. Matt has sex with Scathach. Flora runs away with Priscilla. Elias and Cricket are murdered by the Butcher. Mason is murdered by Lee. Ambrose turns on his mother and helps Shelby, Matt, Lee and Flora escape. Audrey Tindall and Rory Monaghan fall in love on the set of My Roanoke Nightmare. Kai’s mom kills his dad and then kills herself. Kai, Dr. Vincent and Winter all agree to keep their deaths a secret and hide the bodies in the master bedroom.

2015: Will Drake buys the Cortez in a deal brokered by Marcy. The Countess turns Tristan Duffy and Alex. John Lowe moves into the Cortez to investigate the Ten Commandments Killer. John Lowe attends Devil’s Night with Mr. March, Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Zodiac Killer, Aileen Wuornos. Upon realizing John is the killer, John and Mr. March are determined to finish the murders. The Countess dumps Donovan. Iris tries to kill herself, but Donovan turns her. Iris, Donovan and Ramona team up to get revenge on The Countess. Alex turns a young dying boy, Max, who then turns his elementary school classmates. The kids go on a murder spree before getting locked up in the Cortez. Liz and Tristan fall in love, but The Countess kills Tristan as revenge. Valentino and Natasha escape the Cortez, but Natasha kills the Countess and Donovan kills Valentino. The Countess locks Will in with Ramona, who kills him. Liz reconnects with her son Douglas, inspiring her and Iris to turn on the Countess and attack her. Donovan dies in the attack but manages for his spirit not to become trapped in the hotel. Ramona kills Queenie. John kills the Countess. Cordelia tries and fails to rescue Queenie from the Cortez. My Roanoke Nightmare airs to great success. Shelby and Matt get divorced after she’s caught cheating with Dominic Banks. Agnes begins acting like the Butcher in real life. Winter drops out of Vassar to campaign for Hillary Clinton. Kai and Winter free the victims at Judgement House and kill Pastor Charles. Kai loses his faith in humanity and recruits Samuels to his new mission. Michael Langdon kills his babysitter. Michael grows 10 years overnight. Constance commits suicide in Murder House. Ben begins therapy sessions with Michael and Vivien stops speaking with Ben. Michael puts on the Rubber Man suit and murders the latest couple to buy the house and burns their souls out of existence. The Church of Satan find Michael, kidnap and ritually sacrifice a young girl. Michael eats her heart and embraces his destiny as the Antichrist. Vivien attempts to kill Michael, but he tries to burn her soul out of existence. Tate saves Vivien and Michael leaves the Murder House to live with Mead. Cordelia resurrects Myrtle.

New Timeline: Mallory arrives in the past and fatally runs over Michael with a car. Constance chooses not to bring Michael to the Murder House. Constance doesn’t decide to end her life. Ben and Michael never start therapy sessions, so Ben and Vivien don’t separate. Mallory enrolls at Miss Robichaux’s and warns Queenie not to stay at the Hotel Cortez. Queenie doesn’t and is never killed. Myrtle is never resurrected. Mallory has Misty resurrected and plans to resurrect Madison at a later date.

2016: Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell is filmed and airs. Diana is killed by Piggy Man. Rory is killed by the Jane sisters. Sidney is killed by Agnes. Agnes is killed by the Butcher. Shelby kills Matt for wanting to be with Scathach. Monet, Audrey and Lee are captured by the Polks. Shelby kills herself. Lee kills Jether Polk. Audrey kills Mama Polk. Piggy Man kills Dominic. Dylan is killed by the Butcher. After eating a pig’s heart from Scathach, Lee kills Monet and tries to kill Audrey. Sophie, Milo and Todd go to the Shaker mansion in hopes of going viral. Lee kills Todd and helps deliver Sophie and Milo to the Butcher. They are staked and burned alive. The cops arrive on the scene and find Lee and Audrey alive. Audrey grabs an officer’s gun with the intention of killing Lee, but she’s gunned down first. Kai slaps one of Winter’s friends and is sent to anger management. His counselor, Bebe Babbitt, asks him to be the new leader of the SCUM mission. Harrison and Meadow are evicted. Harrison and Meadow become Kai’s first followers after Kai convinces Harrison to murder his boss. Beverly Hope enters a treatment facility after suffering a breakdown on-air. Ivy meets Winter at a political rally after being assaulted by Gary. Ivy and Winter kidnap Gary and lock him in a basement. Gary saws his hand off so he can vote for Trump. Trump wins the presidential election, re-triggering Ally’s phobias. Winter introduces Ivy to Kai. Harrison and Meadow kill Serina and Beverly joins Kai’s cause.

2017: Lee is acquitted in two murder trials, but Flora wants nothing to do with her. Lana interviews Lee. The remaining Polk son tries to kill Lee, but gets killed in the process. Lee returns to the farmhouse to search for Flora, who has gone missing. The cast and crew of Spirit Chasers are murdered by the ghosts. Flora reveals her plan to kill herself so she can protect Priscilla from the Butcher. Lee compromises by letting Priscilla kill her so that Flora can live her life. The Shaker mansion burns down. The clowns start terrorizing Ally. Ally and Ivy hire Winter as Oz’s nanny. Ally and Ivy’s neighbors, the Changs, are killed by the clowns. Kai announces his run for City Council. Harrison and Meadow move into the Changs’ house. Ally and Ivy’s chef Roger is murdered. Ally accidentally kills her employee Pedro during a blackout. Dr. Vincent’s patient Ruby and her husband are murdered by the clowns. The clowns kill Bob, Bob’s gimp and R.J. Sally announces her run for City Council. Meadow tells Ally about the cult. Ally tells Sally about the cult, but the clowns kill her. Meadow commits a mass shooting at Kai’s rally, resulting in a purposefully failed assassination attempt on Kai. Meadow commits suicide. Ally is institutionalized and begins working for the FBI. Kai wins the City Council election. Kai sends Bebe to turn Beverly and the women against him. Beverly’s cult kills Harrison. Kai gets the City Council to approve an armed militia. Kai reveals he wants Winter to carry the cult’s messiah baby. Winter kills Samuels, but blames it on Beverly. Kai kills Vincent and sends Beverly to the isolation chamber. Ally joins the cult. Ally kills Ivy. Kai has the cult kill Gary. Ally kills Bebe. Kai kills Winter wrongly thinking she’s the mole. Ally kills Speedwagon after learning he’s a mole for the police. The FBI arrests Kai and he pleads guilty. Michael is arrested for killing a butcher. Warlock Grand Chancellor Ariel brings Michael to the Hawthorne School. Cordelia refuses to perform the Seven Wonders on Michael. Michael rescues Queenie from the Cortez and Madison from Hell. Cordelia has her vision of the Apocalypse. Coco enrolls in Miss Robichaux’s. Mead kills John Henry. Cordelia administers the Seven Wonders on Michael, who rescues Misty Day from Hell as part of the test. Madison and Behold Chablis go to Murder House to investigate Michael. Madison and Behold bury Moira’s bones with her mother’s. Violet and Tate get back together. Dinah is offering up her services in suburbia for cash. Papa Legba offers to help Cordelia stop Michael if she gives him the souls of his girls; Cordelia refuses. Bubbles McGee rejoins the coven. Coco dies but Mallory resurrects her. Mallory resurrects John Henry. Cordelia has Ariel, Baldwin Pennypacker and Mead burned at the stake. A disillusioned Michael meets Madelyn at the Satanist cult meeting and she brings him to The Collective’s office in Silicon Valley. Jeff and Mutt build the robot Mead for Michael. Dinah sells her soul to Satan. Michael executes most of the witches. Mallory travels back in time to 1918 Russia to test her powers. Michael takes control of The Collective and starts plotting the apocalypse. Jeff and Mutt hire Venable to run an Outpost. Michael executes the warlocks. Myrtle uses her powers to get Coco and Mallory spots in Outpost 3. Cordelia puts an identity spell on Mallory and Coco to protect them. Coco meets Brock and Gallant. Dinah’s new show hits the air.

New Timeline: Michael never goes to live with Mead or the warlocks. Misty and Madison remain in Hell. Cordelia never kills Mead. The warlocks are never killed. Violet and Tate don’t get back together and Moira is never freed from the Murder House and reunited with her mother. Michael never takes over The Cooperative. No outposts are built. Dinah never sells her soul or gets her TV show. Coco never meets Brock or Gallant.

2018: Ally begins dating Erica. Ally runs for Senate. Kai fakes his death and escapes prison. Beverly kills Kai. Ally wins the Senate race. Ally joins SCUM.

2020: The world is destroyed by nuclear missiles. Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison bury themselves in Misty’s swamp to stay safe. Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, Mallory, Mr. Gallant, Evie Gallant, Dinah Stevens, Andre and Stu buy their way into Outpost 3. Coco leaves her boyfriend Brock to die. Timothy Campbell and Emily are taken by The Cooperative and put into Outpost 3. Meade and Venable kill Stu under the guise of radioactive contamination. Three other outposts are overrun.

New Timeline: The apocalypse never happens. Timothy and Emily meet and go on their first date.

2021: Michael Langdon arrives at Outpost 3 to decide who will be moved to another facility and who will die. Mallory’s powers resurface during her interview with Langdon, prompting Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison to resurface. Mr. Gallant is tricked by Langdon into stabbing Evie to death. Langdon has Mead manipulate Venable into fatally poisoning Mallory, Andre, Dinah, Timothy, Emily and Gallant. Langdon then has Mead kill Venable. Brock sneaks into Outpost 3 and kills Coco. Cordelia makes a deal with Papa Legba, trading Dinah’s soul for Marie Laveau’s. Cordelia, Madison and Myrtle arrive at the outpost and resurrect Mallory, Coco and Dinah. Marie kills Dinah. Cordelia kills Mead. Brock stabs Mallory. Myrtle kills Brock. Michael kills Madison, Marie and Coco. Cordelia kills herself so that Mallory can become the new Supreme. Mallory travels back in time to 2015, preventing the apocalypse and creating a new timeline.

New Timeline: Timothy and Emily have their first child, Devan.

2022: Billie Dean interviews John Lowe’s ghost and attends Devil’s Night. Scarlett visits her family at the hotel.

2024: Devan kills his babysitter. A trio of Satanists, including Mead and Anton LaVey, arrive at Timothy and Emily’s to foster the new Antichrist.

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