Fantasy RPG War of Ashird Will Put Players in the Center of a Power Struggle


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Publisher Igrasil Studio and developer Kumiho Soft have officially confirmed the previously announced War of Ashird will come to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, in addition to PC. For now, not much is known about the fantasy RPG, but the announcement of a console release was “very important” for Kumiho Soft.

Igrasil Studio revealed the news on its official Twitter page in the following post, also noting that additional details about War of Ashird itself are on the horizon:

Ashird is a fantasy world being fought over by three warring factions. Each of the factions wants win whatever constitutes the “ultimate prize.” The player character, Deegan, finds himself thrust into the conflict as a young soldier. Don’t let Deegan’s rank precede him, though. Apparently, he will eventually become integral to the power struggle in Ashird.

In addition to a story of war, romance, and betrayal, players will also have an intricate strategy-based combat system to sink their teeth into. War of Ashird’s hybrid combat system is set to allow players to experiment with a variety of tactics in siege and skirmish encounters. Moreover, players should expect to take control of a kingdom, appoint generals, manage a home, and more.

Currently, Kumiho Soft’s War of Ashird still lacks a release date and pricing details.

[Source: Igrasil Studio on Twitter via Gematsu]

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