Bloodborne Fans to Host “Return to Yharnam” In-Game Halloween Event


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Dedicated fans of FromSoftware’s PS4-exclusive RPG appear to be feeling left out in the cold. With games like Hitman 2Crash Team Racing, Apex Legends, and many others getting official Halloween events implemented by their developers, the community has taken it upon themselves to organize a Bloodborne Halloween event that’ll span an entire month of festivities.

Scheduled to start Saturday, October 5, 2019, and run through to Tuesday, November 5th, the (100% unofficial, despite its name) “Official Return to Yharnam” event entails players creating a new character, wearing appropriate costumes, and invading other users as much as humanly possible throughout the month-long period. Players are also encouraged to summon other Hunters, or rather “Hoonters” during the Halloween season, in an effort to increase the number of ghostly apparitions set to haunt the game world.

Rules for the event appear to be flexible and selected democratically, with the most upvoted ideas shared on the community Reddit thread being adopted as official. These include costume ideas, of which there are currently two, as outlined below should you want to get involved:

  • Grim Reaper: Crow Hunter Outfit, Black Hood, Burial Blade

  • Masked “Hoonter”: Gold Ardeo Crowfeather Garb, Executioner Gloves, Bone Leggings

Bloodborne achieved near-universal acclaim when it launched back in 2015, so it’s understandable that passionate PlayStation players want to extend the game’s lifespan by reintroducing lapsed Hunters to the game. Apparently, however, some people never stopped playing in the first place, with the top comment from Redditor maninja13 stating: “‘Return to Yharnam’ lol I’ve never left.”

Credited with more than 500 upvotes and several comments that confirm as much, it appears they aren’t alone in that sentiment. This stands as a testament to the quality of the experience that Sony and FromSoftware together delivered when the PS4 was in just its sophomore year.

If you’re looking to spook players on the streets of Yharnam, be sure to have your costume ready as the party kicks off in just a couple of days.

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