Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Founder’s Edition Week 4 Update Live Now, Last Week to Buy Early


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As we enter the fourth week of Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Founder’s Edition, PopCap has added even more new features, the final Founder’s exclusive reward, and is gearing up for bonus events before the game’s full release in October. It’s also the final week that you can jump on board as a Founder for the lower price of $29.99. After September 30, the Founder’s Edition will no longer be available to purchase. All current players will get to continue playing during this time. As of launch day on October 18, the full price of the game will go up to $39.99.

Week 4 brings plenty of new things, all added to the previous content in the game. A new version of Team Vanquish called The Reinforcements limits players to only the new characters. A whole new PvE patrol area has opened for the plants, giving new missions to complete and golden gnomes to collect. And finally, your Pea Shooter can look regal in a full set of armor, completely exclusive to Founders.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville Founder’s Edition Week 4 Update

Neighborville Knights  

Not all horticultural heroes wear capes. Some wear flashy suits of armor with regal plumage flowing from their helmets. Founding Neighbors who log in by next Monday, September 30 will receive the exclusive Pea of Valiance Peashooter costume, perfect for all your vanquishing needs. Pick up your reward in game when you visit Rux’s Emporium.

Send in The Reinforcements

Today we’re launching a weekly multiplayer event, “The Reinforcements.” Wage all-out war against your enemies in Team Vanquish where every plant or zombie vanquished counts as a point, and each revive subtracts a point from the other team. The twist? You can only play as one of PvZ: Battle for Neighborville’s new characters! If you haven’t played as a new character, now’s your chance to test your skills.

Roam Free in a New Free-Roam Region

Welcome to Mount Steep! Have fun exploring this rocky region and maybe talk to the plants while you’re there. Rumor has it, the zombies have invaded Neighborville’s historic Olde Town and are up to something inside the mountain. Can you figure it out? You can access Mount Steep from Dave Manor (the plants’ base), and while you’re there, check out quests to complete, enemies to fight, and items to discover – including Golden Gnomes!

There are also some teases about upcoming modes between now and launch, including the Battle Arena which pits two teams of four against one another, and the Lawn of Doom Festival, which seems to be a limited time event with exclusive rewards that players can earn.

The ability to purchase the Founder’s Edition will go away at 9 am Pacific on September 30, after which you will need to wait for October 18 to buy and play the game. Anyone who has purchased the Founder’s Edition will get to continue playing through launch and beyond with no hiccups.

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