Star Wars Black Series Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker Revealed!

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Greetings Exalted One

Just revealed by Instagram user Jeremy B has just revealed a brand new Luke Skywalker figure . This one is from Return of The Jedi Jabbas Palace scene.

As you can see Luke Skywalker is dressed in his outfit from the Jabba’s Palace Scene. I have to say since the Black Series has started this has been on my wish list for a while and I am so stoked they are releasing a figure of Luke from this scene.

The face printing tech looks absolutely fantastic and the detailing on the costume looks fantastic too. I really like how they’ve done the tunic. The accessories are great too the inclusion of the blaster pistol which he takes from one of Jabba’s goons is great. The soft goods cloak looks great as does the lightsaber as well. The only accessory that I think is missing is a battle damaged hand as this is figure is from the Sail Barge scene too. I noticed on the back that the figure also includes a stand which is a nice touch.

There’s rumors going around that this figure will be a store exclusive of some kind but that hasn’t been revealed at the moment. Nor the release date or price as well. Hopefully more information will be released soon and hopefully it’ll be available in the UK at some point too.

This figure is a must-have for me and I cannot wait to purchase it!

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