Celebrity Ghost Hunters Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Launch New Comic Book

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Kadrolsha Ona, The Queen of the Paranormal, Rock Star Journalist Eileen Shapiro, and World-Renowned Television Celebrity Interviewers Jimmy Star and Ron Russell from The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell are the Celebrity Ghost Hunters. 

Ghost Hunting is one super cool thing to do!

What makes it better is going on a real ghost hunt to Kings Park Asylum with four funnier than hell celebrities and an egotistical Rock Star! 

We want to share our experiences with you. This is NOT a made-up story. This is REAL. We did it and the videos went viral! 

We love ghost hunting and our comedic moments. At times we couldn’t stop laughing and almost had a bathroom problem erupt. Once our Rock Star started to cry. He got so scared that he begged to be led out of the haunted building and wait in the car. 

Yes, some of the ghost hunting was super scary, but we stuck together like glue in a few of the dark, decaying rooms. One of us started to bleed from a cross being scratched on their chest from a spirit (read our comic and find out who). 

This is an adultish comic book geared for adults, No matter what your community, if you love humor, adventure, and a bit of lighthearted sexual situations, this is YOUR book. Hey, we are real and we like to keep it that way!

Our group of friends had FUN and that’s what we want to share with YOU! You want DARKNESS and HORRIFIC IMAGES? This isn’t your comic book. 

This book packs a lot of entertainment in just a few pages.   And that’s why we turned to writer Brian K. Morris (The Original Skyman, Santastein, Vulcana, Nature Boy, Spencer Spook, The Purple Claw) and artist Eric S. Hawkins (The Zombieful World of Oz, Nature Boy, Spencer Spook) to chronicle one special adventure in the Celebrities’ lives.   

We don’t do GRIM. We do FUN and leave you smiling. Our work will make you want to read this comic again and again and again. 

We are raising the funds to pay our author, artist, printing, and mailing costs. If we raise over the amount we are asking for, the funds will automatically go towards producing our second comic book, Celebrity Ghost Hunters #2.  

This is an opportunity for you to join in, LITERALLY, and become a comic book character with us!

Meet the Celebrity Ghost Hunters:

Jimmy Star and Ron Russell, Celebrity Interviewers on the #1 Webshow in the world, The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, with a weekly audience of over 4.5 million weekly viewers. Available on iHeart Radio, ROKU, Comcast, Celebre Media VIP TV, Vimeo and live on W4CY Radio every Wednesday from 3-5 pm ET. 

Eileen Shapiro is a Rock Star Journalist and NY Times Best Selling Author,  interviewing the biggest celebrities on the planet including Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz, Boy George, Diana Ross, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Ripa, Kesha, Leona Lewis, Billy Porter, Yorgos Lanthimos, The Struts, Dionne Warwick and many, many more. 

Kadrolsha Ona is the real-life Queen of the Paranormal with decades of experience, and a real life Super-Hero! No joke! She is the first person in comic book history to be a super-hero, doing what she does in real life, featured between the pages of a comic book!

Back the Celebrity Ghost Hunters Kickstarter campaign here (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT)



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